Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!

Some crazy weather around here lately! Pittsburgh is in the midst of one crazy heat wave - 90's the past week and for at least a few more days! Not a drop of rain in sight! You can almost hear our poor grass and flowers crying :) All 5 kids have been enjoying playing outside in the baby pool and sprinkler - especially Elizabeth and Kate. The others aren't so fond of getting wet but Lizzie and Kate jump into the pool with reckless abandon. Luke also loves the water and is bugging me to re-enroll him in swimming classes so I want to take advantage of his eagerness and get him back in the water.

The babies celebrated their second birthday 2 weeks ago with a small party here at our house. They had an absolutely fabulous time and despite the crazy rain storm that forced us inside, they loved every minute of it. They gots lots of fabulous toys to play with and some money for their college accounts. Still can't believe our little babies that weighed 2 lbs. and less are 2 years old. They went to the doctor for their 2 year appointment last week and Dr. Yost our pediatrician was so happy with their progress. They are doing so well in so many ways, yet all 4 need to continue to gain both height and weight. The babies eat well but they need to continue eating higher calorie, higher fat foods to gain more weight. As you can see from their numbers, Claire is by far the biggest! Their numbers as of 6/23/10 are:

Claire Renee: 24 lbs, 4 oz and 33.25"
John Quentin: 22 lbs, 8 oz. and 32.75"
Elizabeth Avery: 22 lbs, 2 oz. 32.5"
Kate Mackenzie: 22 lbs, 30.25"

Did you notice that Kate weighs only 2 oz. less than Elizabeth???? Isn't that amazing???? She's definitely shorter than everyone else but she is doing very well at gaining weight! Our little firecracker is really taking off! More good news about Kate....she has stopped taking ALL of her medicines. Her GI doctor believes that Kate has probably outgrown the issues that were causing her to throw up so much as a baby so with her blessing, we've decided to stop ALL of the medicines and see what happens. So far....so good! No vomiting issues to report after 1 week off of the medicines. Keep Kate in your prayers as we go through this trial period!

We have lots of pictures to share from the babies' birthday party, 4th of July and summer fun but our computer has a bad virus that Daddy is trying to fix so we don't have any pictures to post for now. As soon as our 'puter is back up and running, we'll be sure to post some so that you can see our little munchkins.

Hope you all had a fun, safe and relaxing 4th of July. How blessed we our to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave!!!

God Bless America!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back in the saddle again :)

Hello everyone from the Lemonovich family! I've written a whole new blog entry to update you all on what's going on with the family but due to some problem with Blogger than I can't figure out, I need to post the pictures that go with this entry first. So check out the pictures first and then scroll down further for the update. So....without further adieu....here's some new pics:

The crew in a moving box just after we closed on the new house.... (L to R - Claire, John, Elizabeth, Kate and Luke in the back row):

Our new digs:

Chez Lemonovich:

Chillin' on vacation on the porch swing - John, Elizabeth, Kate, Claire and Luke:

John eating a popsicle :)

Luke and Daddy waiting to ride the merry go round at Idlewild:

The babies at Storybook Forest:

Claire doing her best Little Pig impression:

Cap'n Luke and his motely crew :)

Kate, Claire and John:

Luke and Elizabeth:

Claire, who loves to play dress up, in one of her crazy costumes:

Kate passed out after one of her yummy bottles. Just what DOES Mommy put in there to make them sleep??? Hee hee!

Wow....7 months since my lost blog entry! Honestly....I have a good excuse...better yet, I have 5 excuses! Life has been so incredibly busy in the last 7 months that I don't even know where to start! After enjoying Christmas in the home we had rented for almost 18 months, we moved to our new house just two days later and have loved every minute of our new, wide open space! The kids are having such a great time here and are really enjoying the new community. L-O-T-S of kids in the neighborhood and they are all roughly around the ages of Luke and the quads. The house is spacious and despite some issues with the flooring and a few other glitches, it is a great fit for big family. I'll post some pics of the place along with updated pics of the kids at the end of this post. SOOOO many people have been asking me...when are you updating the blog???? Where are new pictures of the kids? Sorry it's taken me so long!
The kids are nothing short of amazing. Luke finished 2 year preschool at the end of May. He loved every minute of his class and made some great new friends. Getting him out of the house and into a fun filled social setting was the best thing we could have done for him. He'll be starting 3 year old preschool in the Fall and is already asking me when school starts! He struggled with potty training (let me rephrase that - he REFUSED to potty train!) until just recently when we had a commando potty training weekend. After more than a few tantrums and even more M&M's, I'm proud to say that my big 3 1/2 year old boy is finally potty trained! Can I get a HALLELUJAH!?!?!? One down......four to go!!! My wallet took a deep sigh and smiled on that day because that's at least one less set of diapers we have to buy now! He really is a great big brother. He's turning into a great little helper and although he gets frustrated with the babies for getting into his things, he's doing his best. Luke took swim lessons in the Spring which he also loved - even dove off the diving board more than a few times! He continues his infatuation with anything related to trains and loves to help his Dad use tools. I actually think he's going to be a clone of John both physically and professionaly when he grows up! Luke and Daddy are going on a boys weekend this summer to Maryland to for a steam engine excursion so he's really looking forward to that!

Little Kate continues to be nothing short of a miracle. John and I were just remebering the other day that this time last year, Kate couldn't even sit up on her own. Today, she is walking, running, climbing, jumping and every other thing possible with her two little feet! Kate made it through the winter with flying colors. Only one real cold to speak of and no respiratory events. Dr. Murphy her pulmonogist was so encouraged by not only her lung condition but her height and weight gains, that he had us return all of her oxygen equipment to the rental company. She continues to take Prevacid and Erythromycin daily for her reflux and delayed gastric emptying but at least as this point, both conditions appear to be well under control. Kate also drinks Pediasure as opposed to milk to assist with her weight gain. As of a few weeks ago (the last time she was weighed), Kate weighs just under 22 pounds and was roughly 31" in length. She has nearly caught up to the other three in terms of her weight and is gaining good ground in terms of her height. So hard to believe. Kate is the happiest little girl. She always wakes up every morning with a smile on her face and loves to gives hugs. She is sneaky though! She is constantly crawling onto the chairs and onto the kitchen table! She continues to receive PT, OT and speech therapy weekly and although she shows delay in her speech, she is making great strides and her therapist is very happy with her progress. Again....she's just a miracle :)

John has been the biggest of the four now for awhile. He eats....and eats....and eats...and eats...and eats anything - and I mean ANYTHING - you put in front of him. Tonight he ate dill pickles and didn't even wince. He ate sauerkraut the other day. He'll eat tuna fish. I honestly can't tell you anything that he's refused! John is a man on the go though. Everything he eats, he burns off! And wherever he goes, his blanket goes with him. His nickname should be Linus :) He sucks his thumb and carries that blanket everywhere! John has made HUGE strides in terms of the weakness he has on his right side from the brain bleed that occured during delivery. He has shown so much progress in PT and OT and although he wasn't showing a lot of mobility in his right hand, elbow and shoulder initially, he is now using these areas with ease. The physiatrist who follows John for this condition had to ask me at his last appointment what side the brain bleed was on because she couldn't tell just by looking at him. Now that is progress! John also has some delays in his speech but is really starting to come around. Like his big brother, John is a train fanatic! He and Luke sit and watch train videos on YouTube almost every night. They have a large minature railroad track down in the basement and they spend lots of time with Daddy down there choo-chooing away!

Elizabeth is quite the diva! She believes she is the center of the universe and if you don't agree with her, she'll bite you! Yes...you read that correctly. My little Lizzie is a pirahna. All 3 of her quad siblings at this very moment have Lizze's teeth tattooed somewhere on their body because of this very bad habit! When she's cranky...she's really cranky! But when she's happy...Lizzie is a sheer delight! She has the biggest grin and the sweetest little giggle you've ever heard! She is talking up a storm and doing it with great clarity lately! She can say Mama, Dada, thank you, more and a host of other phrases. Unfortunately, the one we hear most often is "NO!" She usually shakes her finger at you while she's saying it too! Wonder where she got that from?!?!? Lizzie's favorite pastime by far is reading. She spends hours sitting on the playroom floor lying on her back reading books. If she can find a spare lap to sit on, she's make her way over to you, plop herself down and shove a book in your face until you'll read it! Her favorite for right now is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I have to admit, this is one of my favorites too so we're enjoying reading it over and over again together :)

Claire....ahhhhh...where do I start with Claire? I say this with great love and affection...but Claire was by far the toughest baby to care for the first 18 months. Claire had a scream as an infant that could strip wallpaper. She was never a great night sleeper/napper and was very resistant to try anything new in terms of food, changes to the schedule, etc. She was...to say the least....challenging. But that difficult little baby has become one sweet, loving, precious little girl. Claire Renee has really grown up the most over the past 7 months since my last post. Although she still has the blood curdling scream, she uses it judiciously now :) She is kind and much more gentle than ever before. She smiles the most beautiful ear to ear grins and babbles and giggles for minutes on end with no one understanding what she's saying but her. Every night when the babies finish their bottles before bed, she goes around and gathers them all up and brings them over to the sink for me. She can play peacefully in the playroom with her kitchen set for so long that I have to go in and check and her to be sure she's still there. She is talking in the 2 and sometimes 3 word phrases - hi mama, hi dada, night night, etc. She's the most mature looking of the four by far and has gotten much taller and leaner. Claire LOVES to dance. Anytime music comes on, she twirls around the living room and claps her hands and stomps her feet. It's hysterical. I'm so thrilled to watch Claire as she matures - and so proud too.
John and I are finally getting the hang of this "being a parent to 5 kids" thing (about time, huh?!) Never thought I would have said it, but it now seems wierd to me that people think it's wierd that we have quadruplets. So we had 4 kids at once - what's the big deal? (I assure you this wasn't my thought process back on 2/4/08 when we found out about them!) However, life now just seems normal and although there are some limitations on our life due to the fact that we have 5 kids age 3 and under, it's just our life and we've learned to adjust. People ask me ALL THE TIME - how do you do it? My routine answer is....some days I do it really well and somedays I really don't. I do my best and ask God to provide me whatever I'm lacking so that I can get through it. As I prepared to write this post, I read back through our previous posts...all the back through April 2008 and I can't belive what we've been through. It is only by the grace of God and his Master plan that we have reached this amazing point in our lives. He has put more people and resources in our path than we could have ever thought possible. Our beautiful children are healthy and happy and we are truly blessed. The babies turn 2 next week...so hard to believe. We're having a little family party this weekend for them so we'll be sure to post some pictures next week of the celebration.
Thanks again for catching up with us. I'll post again soon - promise! Until then....
Carrie and the crew :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Fall!!!

I've got so many random pictures to post that I thought I would just throw them all in here at once. They are in no particular order so please excuse how scattered they are!

Luke's first day of school....as you can tell, not particularly thrilled about going despite asking me every morning for 2 months in a row "is today the day I start going to school???"

Our new house as of last Friday....things are really starting to pick up! Ours is the one on the right...

John and I took Luke for a "get away weekend" this past September to Deep Creek, MD. My brother in law's family owns a wonderful vacation home there and they were gracious enough to let us borrow it for the weekend. What an AWESOME time we had - just the three of us. It was so strange to be away from the babies and we certainly missed them, but we had a great time spoiling Luke all weekend and allowing him some "baby free" time to enjoy himself and do the things he wanted to do. One of our adventures for the weekend was a trip to Swallow Falls (pictured below). Truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited and we were there on an absolutely magnificent day with 75 degree temperatures and not a cloud in the sky. What an awesome day with our little buddy.

Luke and I enjoying a double dipper ice cream cone. We're sorry to report that 2 minutes after this picture was taken, Luke tipped the cone to the side to take a lick and both scoops fell to the ground in a giant pile of pine needles! Boy, were we bummed!

Some Fall pictures in our beautiful back yard...we're really going to miss the property here when we move!

Mommy and Kate...

The family...

Sweet John...

Luke loves jumping in the leaves...


Jumping in the leaves...

Luke and his buddy Kate...

Claire and Johnny...

Luke and John...


Thanks for taking a peek at our pictures! So hard to believe it's November already! With the holidays coming up, we'll have lots more to share!!!
God bless everyone...Happy Fall!

Monday, October 26, 2009

What's new in our world....

Life in the Lemonovich household is one busy place these days! There's a whole lot of movin' and shakin' going on around here and my babies are not such babies anymore!

I'll start by letting you know that Casa de Lemonovich is up and moving along! The house is already framed and bricked, drywalled and the initial coat of contractor paint is up! I cannot believe how quickly the builders work! They have told us that they think the house will be done the last week of November so we're looking forward to moving into our new house soon. Not sure if we'll be even crazier that we currently are and try moving before the holidays or do the sane thing and wait until January. Knowing us, we'll probably take the crazy route. Anyways, here's a picture from the cul-de-sac in front of the house. This was taken a few weeks ago before the bricklaying started...

I wish we could work out some kind of deal with the builder to keep the dumpster once the house is done! There's a whole lot of poopy diapers around this joint and having a large receptacle outside the home to place these tidy packages would be SWEET!!!

Big brother Luke has started 2 day preschool and is LOVING it! He totally digs getting to go to playschool 2 days a week and I think it is so good for him to get out of the house and be his own fun, totally boy self for a few hours! He is getting so tall! His school recently had a fundraiser called "Road Rally" The kids did laps in their bike around the parking lot and he had a great time (despite the fact that Mommy pinched his neck in his bike helmet strap just before the big event got started! Yikes!!!!!! Sorry buddy :( Anyways, here's a few pictures of my future Lance Armstrong...

Luke and Poppy before the big event...

Luke and some of his class buddies...

My cute little dude on his tricycle...

The babies are getting so big - Claire is the biggest at over 22 pounds and even little Kate is a chunky monkey at 19 lbs! Claire and Elizabeth are walking everywhere and John is walking on his knees (can you imagine how bad that must hurt?!?!?) He has the scraped, bloody knees to prove it but it hasn't seemed to hinder him at all if you can believe it! Kate is a crawling machine and both she and John love to stand up and cruise around the room while holding onto the furniture. I don't think it will be long before both of them are chasing Elizabeth and Claire around the house! All four babies babble and chatter like crazy. Claire (affectionately - and accurately - called "The Bear" by anyone that truly knows her!) is definitely the most vocal so far. I swear she is repeating things that I'm saying - guess I'd better watch myself! This little spit fire definitely has a mind of her own and a temper to go with it! She is so darn cute though - it's hard to stay mad for her for long, even when she does get a little attitudal! Elizabeth is nothing but giggles. We call her Lizzie, Lizard or Lizard the Wizard. Lizzie LOVES to read books. She is constantly walking around the room with a book in her hand and will plop herself down on your lap so that you can read to her. Her current favorite read is Flicker Firefly. We may have a future librarian on our hands! She has been a little cranky though lately. She is already starting to get her molars in! Poor thing has been whining non-stop! John is just simply Johnny to us. He is so sweet, yet so determined. Nothing can keep John down when he get his mind set on something. John takes a licking and keeps on ticking (ususally from the hands of his big brother who loves to roughhouse with him!) I have never seen a kid eat so much in my life. I have yet to find anything that John will not eat - I mean this literally. He has NEVER spit out anything - even the Vaseline container he managed to get into a few weeks ago! Yeah - this was really nasty! And ahhhh...sweet Kate. We call this little bugger Katie-do for no other reason that she is just so stinkin' happy, sweet and content. Kate has made greater strides in the past 3 months that I would have thought possible. She has more energy than you imagine and she honestly smiles and laughs most of the day. Know what one of her favorite things to do is? Sit on your lap and flip backwards and hang upside down while you swing her!!! I know, sounds crazy but she LOVES this! If you stop, she'll just throw herself backwards again until you agree to do it again! These children are miracles and everytime I get frustrated or just so tired I'm not sure if I can make it through the day, I pray that God would remind me of where we've been, what we've been through and where we're at today. We're blessed.

I have a few pics of the quads to post but Blogger is acting up and won't let me add them to this posting. So, I'll try again tomorrow. Until then....nighty night!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Mommy Going out of Business" Sale!

I forgot to mention in last night's post that we and a few friends are having a huge garage sale this Saturday (8/29/09) here at our house in the parking lot! I'm affectionately calling it my "Mommy Going out of Business Sale!" We're selling a TON of baby/toddler items as you can well imagine! There are beautiful clothes for both girls and boys ages 0-12 months as well as 4 like-new bumbo seats, baby bathtubs, baby bedding, Boppy pillows and covers, a super comfy gliding rocker w/ ottoman, bouncy seats, swings and much, much more including furniture, books, maternity and ladies clothing, etc. The sale runs from 9 am to 2pm RAIN OR SHINE so come and check us out!!! If it does rain, pull into our parking lot and you'll see signs directing where all of the items are being displayed. Be sure to check out my nephew Augie's Lemonade stand where he will be selling some yummy lemonade and his world famous peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies! Tell all of your friends and a special shout out to you pregnant ladies! For those of you who aren't familiar with where we live, please feel free to email me at carrielw33@hotmail.com and I will send you our address as I'm not comfortable posting it on the internet. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the sale!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A big day for our family!

Since finding out about the babies and selling our great house in Moon Township, John and I have been seriously looking for a new house for over a year now. We've looked at what seems like hundreds of houses both online and in person. We just couldn't find a house that had:

1. the details we were looking for

2. in our price range and

3. that could comfortably hold all 7 of us (Lord, I feel like the Van Trapp family from the Sound of Music just saying that!)

So, in late June of 2009 we decided to build a house right here in the same township where we're currently renting and today, we broke ground! What an exciting day! Luke has been talking about this for weeks now. Luke, being a HUGE fan of construction vehicles, has been asking me daily "Is Bob the Builder going to start the foundation today???". So, of course, I took him up to the lot and let him watch the bulldozer dig. You'd of thought today was Christmas from the look on his face! We took some pictures and I'll try to download them and share over the next few days. The house is scheduled to be finished around the end of Nov./early December. What an exciting time for our family and how thankful we are to be building this beautiful house that will be our family's home for many years to come!

So...here we go...a couple of random recent pictures from our wild, wacky, wonderful world...

The heat got to me recently on one especially humid day so I threw all 5 kids in the pool and bathed them in the great outdoors with the help of Daddy, Poppy and our awesome Diaper Darling, Sue Wright! It certainly was an adventure but also a great way to clean all 5 kids at the same time! They had a great time!

My sweet Elizabeth....one silly giggly little lady!

Claire (in the box) and Elizabeth having some fun...

Kate....too cute for words!

Our dear friend and fellow Zion Lutheran Church member Jodi Fitzgerald is a local hairstylist. Jodi came to the house and gave all four babies their first haircuts! The babies were SOOOO good! (did I mention that I fed them a million treats and let them watch their favorite video - Baby Bach - over and over the whole time to distract them!?!) Thank you SOOOOO much to Jodi and her kids, Mitch and Jennifer, for taking time out of their busy summer schedules to swing by the house and give the babies their first snips! We love you guys!

Elizabeth post cut!...

(L to R in back) Mitch, Jennifer, Jodi and the posse...

Johnny and Kate with their new do's!

Elizabeth and Claire stylin' with their sassy new cuts!

Daddy doing triple duty! Oh yes he can!!!

Johnny first thing in the morning...honest to goodness...he wakes up this way EVERY DAY!!! There's no better way to start the day than one of my little man's sweet smiles!

My two best buddies....Daddy and the Lukester riding the tractor around the back yard mowing some grass! Luke is in love with this thing!

The crew just chillin' on the floor...

We were crazy enough...yes, I mean CRAZY enough...to take all 5 kids - with the help of my parents, Aunt Janet, Aunt Suz, Uncle Bill and the boys - to Kennywood (a local amusement park) last Thursday on what turned out to be a scorcher of a day. I've got some pictures of our outing I'll share in my next post with the details.

Thanks for Keeping Up With the Lemonovichs'!