Friday, January 4, 2008


We greatly appreciate donations of any of the baby items listed below. If you wish to donate an item, please send an e-mail to Megan at . Please include your name, phone number and the item to be donated.

Needed Baby Equipment List – as of 8/01/08

Item: Boppy pillow covers
Have: 2
Need: 1
Comments: These covers have zippers and are removable for washing

Item: Cool mist humidifier/vaporizer
Have: 1
Need: 1

Item: Breast milk storage bags
Have: approx. 100
Need: approx 200 bags

Item: White unisex cotton onesies (ranging from size 0 - 12)
Have: some
Need: ?
Comments: Both short and long sleeve needed


Anonymous said...


I am a grandfather. She was born 10 months ago and Rachel has 3 bags of new and slightly worn clothes for you. Let me know when I can deliver them. God give you, our family, and the babies the strenght you need. Call me at 412-771-6837 (Home) or 412-249-6816 (SSRC).


Tana said...

I have spread the word to all my fellow mommies out there through email and good ol' myspace and hope to gather truckloads of stuff for you guys! I have a few people that have already responded saying they are going to raid their attics for you, and I'm praying we are able to provide you with everything on your list! I'll be in touch to make plans to get it all to you asap!

Love you all!