Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Big Day!

Well, the big day had finally arrived. The day of our midterm ultrasound. Luke stayed overnight with Grammy and Poppy’s house so that we could arrive at AGH this morning, bright and early. Our sonogram was scheduled for 8:00am. We only got about 6 hours of sleep last night due to some issues with our fairly new hot water tank leaking, but I think we were running on pure adrenaline this morning anyways – lets get there, see our babies and move on! I have to admit that the anticipation leading up to this ultrasound, as I’ve mentioned before, has been quite great and scary. The potential for anatomical malformations was a very real possibility. John and I both knew this, yet knowing it didn’t make the wait for the ultrasound any easier. I just wanted it to be over with. My prayer the last few days was for that “peace that passes all understanding” mentioned in Philippians 4:7. I prayed it would rest on both John and I and our family and friends as we began to see the babies and hear the results of what we were seeing. We had a wonderful ultrasound technician named Nicole. She was very kind and did a great job of explaining everything she was doing and very informative in detailing what we were seeing. We talked a lot through the ultrasound, not only about the babies but about other things as well just to help pass the time. I was really thankful for such a kind and caring technician.

As the ultrasound began, she started by doing just a quick scan of all four babies, showing us all four and their location. She likened the uterus to an apartment – poor Baby A is the first baby and furthest down closest to the cervix – the small, cramped basement apartment building. This baby is positioned transversely at this point (that is, laying left to right). Baby B is just above Baby A and is also laying transversely. Baby C is in the upper left quadrant and is breach (laying vertically, feet first) as of now and Baby D is in the upper right quadrant (loving referred to by Nicole as the “penthouse suite”!) and was actually moving so much, I don’t even remember what position it was in! Nicole was very certain to take the time to show us each and every detail of Baby A just so that we could familiarize ourselves with what she and we would be looking for so Baby A took a little longer than the rest. Ultrasound is such a common thing today – it’s easy to forget what a miracle this tool is in allowing us to see the development of these little lives as they progress! We saw many of the anatomical parts of the baby – lenses (eyes), the heart with all four chambers, left and right arm and leg bones, the lobes of the brain, ears, feet, fingers, kidneys and many other internal and external features. At the end of the anatomical review, she asked “would you like to know the gender of the babies?” John and I both gave a resounding “yes!” Baby A is a beautiful, healthy looking little boy! Hallelujah – a playmate and boy buddy for Luke! We moved onto Baby B and Nicole did the same, meticulous review of this baby and all of the same anatomy. Again, a baby that appears to be strong and progressing nicely! Baby B is a beautiful little girl! I can almost hear the Wible/Lemonovich women giving a collective “yahoo!” from here! We took a slight break and went onto to do Baby C and Baby D. We finally get the word from Nicole that she is finished and after about 3 hours – we hear the news that we were praying for. All four babies look very good, have beautifully growing hearts and all appear to be anatomically sound! It was sheer joy and thanksgiving to God that John and I felt for this wonderful news. We learned that Baby C is also a girl as well as Baby D. So….for a recap….that’s 3 girls and 1 boy!
Although knowing the genders of the babies is so exciting, it is inconsequential to hearing that so far, they appear to be healthy and progressing nicely. The most heartwarming part of the whole morning was seeing Baby D. Nicole said she appeared to be very “feisty” and was moving around like crazy. The reason this is so incredible is because this is the baby that they initially told us they thought would naturally miscarry as she was behind significantly in her development around the 8th week or so. If she did not miscarry and if we had decided to “selectively reduce” one or two of the babies to try and guarantee health to the other two babies, Baby D is definitely one of the babies they would have suggested reducing. And now…here we are…watching this feisty little girl kick and wiggle and show what a fighter she is. I thought about her the whole rest of the day. Just proof that God keeps his promises…he will never leave or forsake us…we can take that to the bank!

Here’s the measurements as of today for all four babies:

Baby A – boy – 10 oz.
Baby B – girl – 11 oz.
Baby C – girl – 11 oz.
Baby D – girl – 10 oz.

All four babies measure, crown to rump, approximately 9-10” at this point.

Dr. Thomas came in at the end of the ultrasound to tie up a few loose ends. Baby D was hiding under my ribs and he wasn’t able to get a good picture of her spine so at my next appointment, he’s going to try again to get another snapshot. We met with Dr. Thomas for awhile after the ultrasound to do administrative things like blood pressure, weight check, etc. The good news is that I’ve gained an additional 9 pounds, so as of today, I’ve officially gained back all of the 18 pounds I’d lost from being so sick and dehydrated between weeks 5 – 14. I am officially 19 weeks pregnant as of today, but my stomach measures that of a woman at 29 weeks! I’m definitely growing! J

Dr. Thomas said that I need to keep eating as much as possible – roughly 4000 – 4500 calories per day! I need to eat lots of proteins and lots of high fat, high carbohydrate products. Great, right?!?!? This may sound funny, but I’m actually tired of eating! I feel like all I do is eat – actually, it is all I do these days! He informed us that typically, quadruplets progress at about the same rate as singletons up until around the 30th week. It is at this point that the mother is incapable of taking in enough calories to keep up the rate of growth as a singleton, so the babies growth rates tends to taper off at this point for quads. Not to mention the fact that there are four babies inhabiting that tiny space so it’s just not possible for much more growth to take place. He cautioned me strongly against lifting Luke or anything of any substantial weight from this point forward. He confirmed that weeks 18-23 weeks is the most common period for miscarriage in quads so I need to be careful with my movements and be mindful of my awkward center of balance at this point. He also cautioned me against being outside too much now that the warmer weather is approaching. I am at a high risk for dehydration and sun poisoning. So, no nice brown suntan for me this summer! Dr. Thomas did also mention that because my job doesn’t require any physical exertion and I sit all day, I can probably continue working through at least 28 weeks unless some complication would arise. I was glad to hear this – work gives me something else to think about other than myself! J

I’m scheduled to go back to see Dr. Thomas every two weeks for now. I’ll continue to have ultrasounds at each visit so that they can continue to monitor the babies progress as well as mine.

After a nice big lunch (yep, time to eat again!), we headed upstairs to the NICU for our tour and meeting with Dr. Guthrie. I’m sorry folks, but after getting up so early and having such an emotional day, John and I are physically and mentally exhausted, so we’re going to head off to bed. I’ll do another post though tomorrow about the NICU experience.

Thank you all SOOOOOOO much for your prayers and support as we approached this big day. We’re definitely not out of the woods yet by any means, but today went a long way towards increasing our confidence, easing our minds and strengthening us for the journey ahead.


Carrie, John, Luke and the Lemonovich Quads


Anonymous said...

God is SO good! I am so happy and excited for you all. I pray for a peaceful sleep for you and rest knowing that you're in His hands.
Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

John and Carrie~~ SOOO exciting! What wonderful and welcome news about your healthy little lemons! You've been on my mind all day- thanks for the update!


Anonymous said...

Carrie and John,
Such wonderful news about your four little blessings! You are in my thoughts so often and will continue to stay in my prayers.
John better watch out - looks like 3 against 4 - girls rule!


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking and praying for you all day long. I am so glad that all the babies look great. I will get all my girls clothes ready for you. It looks like you will need alot of them.


Anonymous said...

Carrie and John -

I have been thinking about both of you all day. Your news is absolutely wonderful!!! Looks like everyone wins...Luke will be happy with a little brother and YAAAAY 3 baby girls!! I am so glad that even though you were exhausted from the long day, that you gave your update.

- Michelle

Paul and Kathy Stanis said...

Dear John and Carrie,

We rejoice with you and praise God for His everlasting love that He showers on His children.

We thought of you throughout the day yesterday. Continually praying for you and your four "little lambs".

After reading your post, tears of joy were flowing and we are so happy for you.

Thank you for writing your post after such an emotional and exhausting day. There was so much anticipation and all your friends/readers were with you in thought and spirit. So, we were glad to get the news about the ultrasound as soon as possible.

We will continue to lift you up in prayer and ask our Heavenly Father to send His holy angels to surround and protect you.


We love you,

Paul and Kathy Stanis

Anonymous said...

Carrie and John -- we are so thrilled and thankful that all went well at the sonogram! Thank you God for the health of the babies and that Carrie is doing well! Remember: when life gives you lemons, make lemonaid!!! Thank you for your posting -- very uplifting!!!
Linda and Steve

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carrie and John!
Holly sent me the link - I'm so excited and happy for you guys! If anyone can manage this, you two can!

You are in our prayers!
Amy (and Hannah, too!)

Barb O. said...

I am in tears. God is so good.
Blessings, Barb O.

Erin Hein said...

I am SO very happy for you, Carrie and John. Three girls... how exciting! It will be great for Luke to have a little brother to play with as well. You hit the nail on the head when you said that their genders pale in comparison to the fact that they are all healthy. What a blessing... four happy and healthy little Lemons! :) Thank you so much for your post yesterday. Take care of yourself Carrie. Looking forward to the next post!

~ Erin

Anonymous said...

John and Carrie - So glad you shared! This is what we have been praying for and I'm so thankful you have some peace of mind. You have so many people who care and you are in so many prayers! God Bless all of you!

Love - Jan

Tana said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE THIS!!! It gives me such joy reading this blog and I am so happy that you guys decided to keep us posted this way! Every time I read this, I smile all day and think of the beautiful little lives you are building!! Especially this last post! I'm reading this at work and can't stop the waterworks! I am so overjoyed with the news of those beautiful and heatlhy "lemons" in there! And I am so happy that you are now feeling better and back on track with your weight! God bless you Carrie and your beautiful family! And keep these posts coming! They truly make my day!!! I love you all to pieces and will be thinking and praying for you constantly!

Sean (Pittsburgh) said...

Great news!

It's great to hear that they are healthy!

Thank you for sharing the exciting news!

If there's anything I can do to help, just say the word!

Anonymous said...

Yea! I was thinking of you guys all day and couldn't wait to see your post.
I'm so glad it is all going well.


Anonymous said...

Carrie and John,

That is SO exciting!!! As much as we all joked around about finally getting a baby girl, just making sure they are all healthy is all that really matters. But 3 little girls, woah! I'm so glad you were able to put up the post for us we were all waiting desperately to hear from you and its just so amazing how everything works out for the best. You guys know if there's anything you need don't hesitate to call.

Love Always,

Anonymous said...

John and Carrie,

I am so thankful that all is going well. You are often in my thoughts and prayers. If you need to gain weight, come over and Daryn will cook for you!


Anonymous said...

Carrie and John

What a relief to finally get some news...and what good news. It just reinforces that we cannot lean on our own understanding - but in all our ways we need to follow Him and he WILL make our paths straight. God is so good and so faithful. He does not make mistakes - we know that for sure.

Thank you for writig such a detailed post. It was such a joyful moment to hear how you are all doing. Praise God....its just so exciting.

We love you lots - from afar!

Penny and Larry

Heidi said...

I love your blog and am so happy to read that you and the babies are doing well! Thank goodness for some girls!! haha
Take are in my thoughs and prayers! Love, Heidi

Jess and Robb said...

John and Carrie--Congratulations, this is such GREAT news! Robb had given me the "cliff notes" Thursday morning, but I was so thrilled to read all of the details! Tears were just streaming down my face as I read about your day and your true blessings. --Jess