Monday, April 21, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions...

We've been asked so many questions about my quadruplet pregnancy throughout the past 3 months, that I thought I'd take a few moments here to answer a few of the most common ones for you.

1. Are you going to find out the gender of the babies?
Yes! For those of you who remember my first pregnancy, I really had no interest in finding out if it was a boy or a girl. I felt exactly the same way - until I found out we were having quadruplets! We will find out the gender of the babies on April 30th at our ultrasound. As I mentioned in my first post, there are a lot of ladies on both sides of the Wible/Lemonovich clan who are praying for at least one girl!

2. Do you know if the quads are fraternal or identical?
Dr. Thomas felt pretty confident at our second ultrasound that the quads are fraternal. He showed us on the monitor that there was a definite membrane between each of the sacs separating the babies, so in all likelihood, they are fraternal.

3. Will you need to go on bedrest? Move into the hospital at some point?
I talked about this with Dr. Golde at my last appointment. Partial or even complete bedrest is not an definite thing. As with so many other parts of this pregnancy, it's a "wait and see thing". If any complications arise, such as the start of pre-term labor, some form of bedrest is a definite possibility. However, full time hospitalization at some point is a definite. I'm DREADING this but just keep trying to remind myself that it is for the good of myself and
the babies and that it's just short term. Dr. Golde thought that I would probably need to move into AGH at some point between 24 and 28 weeks. Again though, a lot could change between now and then so we're trying to remain flexible for whatever comes our way.

4. Are you planning on moving to a new house?
At this point, we aren't sure. We've gotten our house ready to sell just in case we see a house that we think would perfectly fit our needs. However, we still haven't found that place as of yet. Our two biggest "must haves" at this point are location (we're hoping to get closer to the Bridgeville area) and space (a large game room with padded walls would be great!) And oh yeah, at least 4 bedrooms! We've looked at one or two homes that would be great, but we're not quite ready to move on any of them yet. If we don't move, our home here in Moon Township is big enough to accomodate us for awhile until we find just the right place.

5. Do you watch the TLC show, "Jon&Kate+Eight"?
My husband John enjoys watching this show to see all of the craziness that can occur in a household with 8 kids! I personally am not crazy about the show because I'm not really sure that it gives a realistic picture of what life is like with a family of higher order multiples. For example, one episode is focused on Kate going out and getting a new wardrobe? Hmmmm....I don't think there is a new wardrobe in my future anytime soon! I suppose it's all in good fun though. Hey - if I could get all of that money for having a TV show document my wild and crazy life with multiples, I'm sure I'd do the same thing!

6. Have you felt the babies move yet?
No, not yet - although I'm expecting this to start any day now! Dr. Celebrezze to me that I would probably begin to feel movement anywhere between 16-20 weeks. I can't even imagine what it will feel like to have 4 children kicking inside of me (think about that: 8 feet AND 8 hands kicking and punching!) Nonetheless, the thought of those tiny lives moving inside of me is thrilling :)

7. What kind of car will you have to get to hold 7 people?
We have no idea quite yet! John has been reading up on this and looking for some of the options that are out there. Minivans and SUV's are definitely something we may be able to consider, but it's not just about holding 7 people. It's got to be a vehicle that comfortably and safely holds 5 carseats. This could be a tight squeeze! Unfortunately, a passenger or conversion van is probably our most practical option. Oh well...gone are the days of chosing things just because they look good! It's now all about practicality and functionality. I'll drive whatever John chooses - can I at least get the passenger van in bright red????

8. Have you picked any names yet?
Not really. We have a few names that we both like, but we've really not even talked much about this yet. I think we both figure we'll wait until after we find out the gender of the babies on April 30th before starting to talk about this.


Paul and Kathy Stanis said...

Dear John and Carrie,

We have been keeping you in our prayers. Please know that we are here to help in anyway possible. We look forward to reading your blog regularly. The quad countdown is wonderful!

We love you,
Paul and Kathy Stanis

Gina & Jake said...

Hey Carrie!
This blog is such a wonderful outlet for you and a such great way to keep all of us who care about you informed... :)
As you already know, you all are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I ask God to give you strength, peace, and joy throughout this amazing journey on which your family has embarked. Please know that you have also been in the prayers of many of my friends and family, and incidentally, our churches as well. :) God is surely familiar with all you 'Lemons' by now!
Along with you, I too, especially appreciate your favorite bible verse, but would like to add that Jeses told us very simply to "fear not" and there is great power in those words. May they bring you strength in the weeks, months, and years to come!
May God bless you and keep you all through the pregnancy, birth, and lives of your children.
Take care.

Jess Humenik said...

Hi guys! This blog is GREAT!! I love all of the detailed information about the "little lemons" and we are looking forward to all of your updates and progress. We are keeping you in our prayers and look forward to seeing you soon!!! Don't hesitate to let us know how we can help or what you need :-) Jess and Robb