Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doctor's visit today...

23 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow...time to go to the doctor's office again. I'm going every 2 weeks these days and I have an ultrasound at every visit as well as a quick visit with the doctor for the regular stuff (blood pressure check, weight check, "how are you doing" type stuff).

I was hoping that they were going to measure all of the babies again today to give us an update on Baby Girl D, but Bonnie, the ultrasound technician said that they will only do the growth checks once a month as any sooner than that isn't enough time to get an accurate assessment of progress and development. They did do an ultrasound, but this time they just checked the bladders and stomachs of each, the amount of amniotic fluid in the sac and the heartbeats of each baby. I'm happy to say all 4 babies looked good in each of these areas. One piece of good news is that Baby Girl D's heartbeat was 150 beats per minute - just like everyone elses. 2 weeks ago, her heartbeat was lower than everyone elses at 136 beats per minute. They got a nice profile shot of her today and as with all of my little peanuts, I was glad to see her squirming around and looking SO cute.

I met with Dr. Golde after the ultrasound and he said that I continue to look good. He cautioned that I will probably start to feel very "heavy and weighted down" over the next month. I told him that this has already started to some degree. I'm definitely starting to slow down. I get tired so easily, out of breath in a heartbeat and I have some sciatic pain in the right side that occasionally makes me catch my breath. One of the most important signs of pre-term labor is the shortening of the cervix. This is symptomatic of the body saying "Hey! There's a lot of weight in here! It must be time for this baby to come out!" Unfortunately, the body doesn't know that there are 4 babies in there so hence the term pre-term labor. They checked my cervix today and said that it looks great. No shortening has taken place.

My next appointment is June 10th and Dr. Golde said at this appointment, they'll do another ultrasound for growth assessment of all 4 babies to see how they are doing. Overall, a good appointment!

John, my husband, is going to post later on this week about some exciting news we have on the house situation and some upcoming help we're going to be needing. Check back soon!

Thanks everyone for checking in on us!
Carrie, John, Luke and the Lemonovich Quads


Paul and Kathy Stanis said...

Dear Carrie and John,

We check your blog frequently.

When we saw the new posting, we couldn't wait to read your news.

We were so glad to read that Baby D's heartbeat is right up there with your other three "peanuts".

We continue to keep all of you in our daily prayers.

Looking forward to John's post and reading what your plans are for a move, etc.

Love you so much!
Paul and Kathy Stanis

Anonymous said...

Cariie, John, Luke
It is so wonderful to hear all that good news. I hope that it continues for all of you.

I am so glad that Baby D's heartbeat is great also.

We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers.
Good luck...

I am waiting to hear your other good news about the house..


Anonymous said...

Carrie & John,

Thanks for the updates. The news continues to be good, which is such a blessing.

We continue to pray for you, John, Luke, and those precious babies.

Glad to hear the appointment went so well.

Nancy, Bill & girls