Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reflections from Luke's Mom on Mothers Day....

On this Mother’s Day Eve, I thought I’d take a few minutes to post a blog about the sweetest little boy I have ever known - my dear son, Luke. With all of the excitement over the past few months of finding out we’re pregnant with quads, trying to deal with my extreme sickness and weight loss, etc., my baby has managed to become quite the independent, adorable little boy you see here.

Luke is just turned 16 months and is every bit of what you picture a boy to be – filled with personality, loaded to the gills with energy, stubborn as can be and he has the knee scrapes, bumps and bruises to prove it! Although he’s your average “rough and tumble boy”, he loves nothing more than to cuddle up with you and read one of his favorite books – which lately is “Puppy Love”. He loves getting hugs and kisses and is good at giving them back. His latest is puckering up his lips up like he just sucked a lemon and planting a big smooch on you. It is simply adorable and makes melt. I look at him and I am in awe and so thankful for the amazing gift John and I have been given in this child.

As you can clearly see, he looks so much like me (that’s a joke, of course!) He’s the picture of his Daddy with the bright blonde hair and fair skin although the blue eyes come from me (and his Poppy!) He is very tall for his age (just over 33” already – another thing he gets from his Daddy) but he’s thinned out nicely as he’s grown. He in the midst of a hunger strike now – refusing to eat any meat or vegetables that aren’t in baby food form. I hate to say it, but he’s inherited my strange food texture obsession. He doesn’t seem to like things that are saucy or chunky. I know – weird! He also seem to like to smell things before eating them – yep, weird again! Fruit is his absolute favorite thing to eat right up there next to Goldfish crackers and raisins.

Luke is talking so much these days. He has always been a big “babbler” but lately, the words seem to be flowing out of his mouth like water. He says “Da” (which is Daddy), “hi”, "bye", “uh-oh”, “baba” (which is his bottle) and as of late, his new words are “all done”. It’s hard to believe that just a months few ago, I was concerned that he wasn’t talking more like all of the other kids his age! His personality is really starting to shine through and I’m so enthralled with being able to interact with each other instead of me talking and making silly faces and him just laying there giving me the “what the heck are you doing?” look. I give him directions and he actually understands them – hallelujah! It has a down side too because when I tell him I want him to do something and he doesn’t, I know it’s just that Wible “stubborn streak” running right through him! No doubt where he gets that from! :)

Now that the weather has broken here in Pittsburgh, Luke absolutely loves being outdoors. He loves to push his Happy Hopper and his small yellow bus all over the driveway and is fascinated by walking in the grass and feeling it on his bare feet. I’m hoping to be able to take him to the zoo, Kennywood and few other places this summer before I have to go into the hospital, but I’m not sure we’ll make it. He’s also really beginning to love playing with our dog, Sam. Sam is a big 90 lb. yellow lab who is very kind and patient with him – even when Luke gets a little rough. He loves to play with Sam’s tail and grab his dog tags to make them jingle. I have feeling these two will be great friends over the years!

Well, thanks for listening to me brag just a bit. Like so many Mom’s out there, I am just so in love with this little boy, so proud of how much he's grown and so grateful that I can call him my own.

I also want to send a special Happy Mothers Day to my amazing Mom, Carolyn. She retired a few years back but is busier than ever these days chasing around 4 grandsons – Augie, Jack, Luke and Sam – and with 3 granddaughters and another grandson on the way, she’ll be busier than ever in just a few short months! She has done so much for me, especially in the past 5 months since finding out I was pregnant with quads, and there is no way that I can ever repay her for her love, kindness and willingness to do WHATEVER needs to be done other than telling her just how much I love her and how much she means to me. Even today, on Mother’s Day, she is having a cookout out at her house despite our repeated requests to let us take her out to lunch so that she can relax a little! I give thanks to God on this special day for my Mom.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you current and future Mom’s out there!

God’s blessings on you all...Carrie


Robb and Jess said...

We LOVED hearing all about Luke's latest adventures!! He is just the spitting image of John--so adorable!! Loved the quad pics too!
Happy Mother's Day x 5! Jess and Robb

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too Carrie...seeing Luke and in my family we like to say "sibs" brings tears to my eyes. To see you and John fulfilling God's wonderous plan for your family is truly breath-taking. And please tell me where you find the time to reflect and share these amazing milestones??? I'm truly slacking... -Abby & Co.

Anonymous said...

I just loved the latest updates and your Mom can be very proud of you.....The pictures are great...Hope that you had a wonderful Mothers Day.

Love to all of you and God bless


Anonymous said...

We love the updates and the pics! We're keeping you all in our prayers.
Lori, Jim, Abby, and Nate