Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The husband finally chimes in!

I’ve been meaning to make my first post for quite some time – at last here it is!! I’ll begin with my description (in summary) of the journey so far. It began on Feb. 4th which was the day we found out that our next "one" was not "one" … but four! As many of my friends and family know I had actually wanted a larger family and had hoped that our son Luke was twins and that this time it would be twins, well I got both the sets of twins at once! When the ultrasound lady told us "I see 4 gestational sacs" I can’t ever explain the feeling of shock. Yet at the same time somewhere in the back of my mind I thought…this will be great! Strangely enough I thought of practical things…what kind of vehicle can accommodate all those car seats, how many babysitters will we need, that’s a lot of poo and diapers :) , the financial impact, etc…

But then I found out the reality of the risks associated with a high order multiple pregnancy (which I really didn’t know about) and the worry and panic set in. Plus at the same time we had the doctors talking to us about reduction, and that one of the four (now baby D - girl) had incorrect proportions and may miscarry and/or maybe there would be chromosomal problems with that one?? I remember vividly the next couple days and those were the toughest days ever for Carrie and I. We spent a lot of time thinking deeply, talking about it, praying for guidance. It took a good 3 to 4 weeks to really grasp that it was really happening and looking back it’s all such a blur.

After the 12 week ultrasound and the baby D comeback we were gearing up for this and really getting behind each other. The research began, contact with other families with multiples (especially quads and yes, there are more than you may think). I remember one night when I watched the video of the murraycrew (www.murraycrew.blogspot.com) I really for some reason thought – I can do this…we can do this. We later learned that a couple from MI is in the same situation as us – almost to the week (and with a child already before the quads). BTW thanks for the thoughts and prayers we think about you guys often and wonder how it’s going. Here’s a picture that you guys can also put on your fridge for inspiration!! ;)

So the next entire phase is the "telling people phase" – man that was tough. Having to field the same questions over and over, having to watch the shock on faces over and over having to answer the "dude, what are you going to do?" questions, etc… I remember when I called the meeting at work and told like 20 people at once so as not to repeat the story over and over. There’s nothing quite like the look of total shock where everyone’s looking at you totally shocked. I remember looking at Robb Humenik who has a son Ryan, the identical age as Luke, and had just told us minutes before that Jess was expecting again. I remember the look he had…let’s just say priceless. Of course everyone was very kind and offered help and my boss Keith gave me assurance that he and my company would be behind me 100% which was much appreciated. So fast forward to today where Carrie is 24 weeks tomorrow and doing very well. I’m so proud of her. I’m constantly trying to get her to take it easy and meanwhile she was sweeping our house today and she still is working, picking Luke up, etc… Seriously, Carrie has taken this in stride and has made me a stronger person in the process. She continues to amaze me everyday with what a great mom she is, and will be, to our extra large family! My one friend said something to me that while he didn’t realize it, gave me confidence. He said "out of all my friends - you’re the one that can handle this". Carrie and I really feel lucky and blessed with this new chapter of our lives.

By the way we will be moving on the 21st of June. More details to come tomorrow or Thursday - I’m tired…triple overtime for the Pens last night (okay I fell asleep on the Pens I admit it and my wife said that I am giving up on them like Geno!!!)

Posts to come that I/we have been wanting to write:
1. The move to Bridgeville
2. Top 5 responses from people when I tell them my wife’s pregnant with quadruplets
3. A picture post with more pictures of our family(s)
4. A post about the "vehicle" possibilities



Mojo said...

Wow! That one had me choked up. It is great to hear how the husband is dealing. And it sounds like you are both supporting each other immensely.
The love that is between you will carry you through these trials of parenting multiples (and Luke too if he is willful like Lex!).

God made sure you two found each other.

Love ya,

The Murray Crew said...

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You've made the viability mark and you're on to reaching more goals from here! 28wks is just around the corner.

Secondly, You're absolutely right YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU WILL DO THIS! YOU'RE DOING AMAZING thus far!

We are cheering you on ALL the way! Just let us know how we can encourage you best. Carrie, my email is quatro_mama(at)yahoo(dot)com, feel free to email me with ANYTHING!

Your Friends in Christ,
The Murray Crew

Burkett Quad Squad said...

So proud of you! you're doing GREAT! it will be over before you know it! enjoy these last few weeks/months. make sure you take some pictures of yourself...trust me...you'll wish you had more. sometimes i think about how big i was and it's hard to believe...but then i look at the pics and wow...huge!:) BUT SOOO WORTH IT!
praying for you!

Sweety Hope said...


I found an other pregnant mom with quads
De Maria (21w)

Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz!
We're so happy for you guys! We'll be sure to keep you, all, in our prayers.
Lori, Jim, Abigail, and Nathaniel

King Quads said...

Hi There!

I am also pregnant with Quads...I will be checking in on your blog and praying for your family.


King Quads said...

I forgot to mention...we are having three girls and a boy too!