Sunday, June 15, 2008

I"m finally starting to feel pregnant with quads....

It sounds strange, but although I'm pregnant with quads, I really haven't felt pregnant with quads. It's felt about the same as my first pregnancy with Luke - a period of about 10 weeks(that seemed a heck of a lot longer than that!) of horrifically bad nausea, vomiting, dehydration, etc., followed by a period of relatively good health where I feel pretty upbeat and energetic and then the final trimester where the heartburn, shortness of breath, lower back pain and other joys of pregnancy rear their ugly heads again. I've always been so jealous of the women who have these beautiful pregnancies where they actually do have that Mom-to-be "glow"! It's just not me!

However, as I get closer to the 26th week, this quad pregnancy is really starting to feel different to me. The lower back pain is much worse than the first time, the shortness of breath comes from just climbing two or three steps, my ankles are starting to swell sometimes, and I honestly can't believe that my skin can stretch any further than it already has ( although I've seen the pictures to know that it is possible and WILL happen!) I miss picking Luke up and giving him big hugs. It's hard to even have him sit on my lap these days as he's constantly wiggling around and bumps my belly! There's just no room for him left on my lap! When people find out that he's only 17 months and I'm expecting quads, the first reaction is always "Oh my gosh! You're going to have your hands full!" DUH!!!!!!!!! I know this is true, yet in a way, I'm glad that he won't remember most of this incredibly crazy time we're going through right now. I'm also glad that the kids will all be so close in age. I've worried about him being the "outsider" while everyone gawks at the quads, but I think being close in age will actually be a good thing. And, he'll have his little brother to help him fend off all of those sisters!

Dr. Thomas' office suggested that I buy a support garment called a prenatal cradle to help with my lower back/tailbone pain and the heaviness in my stomach from carrying quads. So, I went online and bought one. Wait until you see this contraption!

It appears to be to more like an instrument of torture as opposed to a support garment! I read about it online and got a good laugh when the ad said "so comfortable, you won't even know you're wearing it!" Yeah - right! Have they seen this thing?!?!?! My initial thought was - only a man could have looked at this thing and used the word "comfortable" knowing confidently that he would never have to wear one! However, I finally received it in the mail yesterday and I have to admit, it's pretty comfortable and it does provide good support to my stomach and back so far, so I'm eating my words! Finally - something I've purchased that actually proves to be just as advertised!!! Ahhhh....what we women go through just for a little bit of comfort and relief!

My official last day of work at State Farm will be this Friday, the 20th. I've got a few vacation days to take after that and then I'll officially be on medical leave. I've always dreading leaving my job because I enjoy the work & it's just the perfect situation. State Farm has allowed me to job share for the past15 months since Luke was born. I share my job with a good friend in my office - Gina. Between the two of us, we split up the work days of the week so that we both work part time and get to spend half of the week with our little boys at home. Talk about lucky! I've been very fortunate to work for such a great company for the past 6 years. I'll really miss my friends there and have been dreading the last day, but I honestly feel like I'm at the point now where it's time to quit and take it easy. Getting up in the mornings to get there early are really tough on me. Although, getting up to do anything these days is pretty tough! Finishing work will give me a chance to focus on a few of the bigger issues ahead that I need to tackle - like finding a nanny to work with me to take care of Luke and the quads. So far, this has been anything but an easy task so I'll have some more time now to dig into that. Finding someone reasonably priced who isn't afraid to watch 4 newborns and a 17 month old isn't easy!

All of you who have been cautioning me to slow down and take it easy will be glad to know that I did quite well this weekend while my Mom, sister Susie and friend Barb came out to the house and packed up most of our closets and shelves. They got a lot of work done and we moved a bunch of stuff to the new house. I'm so appreciative for they're help! There's no way we could be doing this without the help of our family and friends. My parents and my sister Susie and brother in law Bill have been absolutely wonderful and as usual, have gone above and beyond. My sister in law Holly and brother in law Joe have also been amazing. Holly made the most beautiful curtains for my kitchen and has watched Luke for us and Joe has helped John paint, remodel our bathroom before putting our house on the market, etc. I've said it before but I'll say it again - God has blessed us so greatly with such loving and supportive family and friends!

In closing, I just want to say Happy Fathers Day to all of you Dads out there! Of course, I want to send a special message to my Dad, Richard, who is absolutely the best Dad to me and Poppy to my little one Luke! He drops everything in heartbeat to help us with whatever we need, when we need it and we love him to death! I also want to say Happy Fathers Day to my husband, John. I've written about him a few times before here on our blog and I won't go on bragging about him again, but he truly is a gift from God. He has been a rock to me throughout this whole journey and I know that there is no more perfect person for me in the world than this wonderfully loving, caring, strong man. Our children are blessed to have him as their father and I am blessed to have him as my husband.

Good night all!


Gina & Jake said...

We will miss you terribly too. Although you and I didn't get to work together too often, we did manage to sneak a day in here and there. I know that your days will be very full very soon, so the impetus will be on us to stay in touch with you... but I hope that you will at least send us a few pics every now and then to let us see how your 5 little lemons are doing... and yourself, of course!!! Continue to take good care of yourself, and give Luke a squeeze from me and Jake.

Gina & Jake said...

I said 'impetus', but meant 'onus'... I just couldn't let that go!! I know, I have issues... UGH!
Take care just the same!

Suzanne said...

o my goodness woman! it was like i was reading through my OWN journal from last year! i could relate to everything you said! hang in there--you are doing such an amazing job! can't wait to see those beautiful lemons!!!

Barb O. said...

You best be taking a vacation day on Saturday and find yourself a comfortable place far away from the "move".
Take care of yourself and your little ones.
This comes from one who understands the not being able to sit still and has my closet organized with all the clothes arranged in accordance with the colors of the rainbow. We all have our quarks. Love ya