Thursday, June 5, 2008

WE'RE MOVING!!!!! And other misc. ramblings......

So many people have asked us since finding out that we are pregnant with quads – are you going to move? Where will you live? How many bedrooms will you need? Is your current house big enough?

Well, after months and months of considering whether or not to stay in our current house (which is big enough for all 7 of us but not the best location for family/friends to reach us) , buy a new house or build a new house, we’ve finally decided that we’re going to sell our house and move. However, instead of buying a new existing home or building, we’re going to rent a house in South Fayette for the next year or two. It’s the perfect situation for us – the yard is huge with a playground right beside it for Luke, it’s the perfect location for all of our family and friends who will be helping us out once the quads arrive and the rental rate is great and will hopefully give us a chance to save up and build our own place in a year or two that perfectly fits our needs. John and I are very excited about the opportunity, but it’s so hard to leave our home. We (mostly John) have put a lot of hard work into our current home and we just love it. It’s finally to the point where it’s just where we want it – just in time to move :( If only we could pick it up and move it to South Fayette, I’d do it in a heartbeat. We put the house on the market last Wednesday night with the help of our realtor, Kathy Pfister of Coldwell Banker (who has been great by the way!) and we've already had a ton of showings and very well attended open house so we're excited about the prospects of it not being on the market too long.

Anyways, we’re going to be moving on Saturday, June 21st, 2008. I’m not able to do a whole lot in terms of picking things up or packing, so I suppose I’ll be "The Field General" for the day telling people where to put this and that. The Gielarowski family from our church has been kind enough to let us borrow their moving truck that they use for their business so we’ll load up the trucks on that day and move everything to our new place. Many of you have asked how you can help. We can definitely use help on the 6/21/08. We’ll start that day at our house in Coraopolis around 9:00 am. We’re hoping to have enough help so that it goes pretty quickly. If you are able to help on the 21st, please email me at so that I can get an accurate count of how many people we have. I can also email you directions to our house if needed. Food and drinks will be provided by us to thank everyone for their help!

As for me, I’m still feeling pretty good these days although the recent heat wave has really gotten to me. I get so out of breath just walking short distances. Dr. Thomas did say that I am highly susceptible to dehydration, heat exhaustion and sun poisoning so that I should definitely stay out of the sun and heat. It’s so hard though because throughout the winter, Luke and I would stare out the window at that snow and I’d say "just wait until Spring, Lukie! There’s so many fun things we’ll do once the weather gets better!" I’m just dying to take him to the pool, the zoo, the park, Kennywood, etc. My cousin Lindsay is coming over on the days I’m off work and taking care of Luke so hopefully, he’ll still be able to go to a few of these places over the next few months with her. I’m just sad that I probably won’t be able to go too.

Our next appointment with Dr. Thomas is just a few days away – June 10th. They’ll be doing another ultrasound at this point to measure and weigh the babies and they’ll be able to give us an update on their progress. We’re praying that our little fighter, Baby Girl D, has caught up again to her brother and sisters. She sure has been kicking a lot lately – I think it’s her way of telling me not to worry . John and I are HUGE ice cream fanatics. Everytime I eat ice cream - which is nightly! - I swear they kick! Especially Baby D! Luke loves ice cream too so I think our kids will be just like us in that way!

Finally, I want to give a big shout out to all of the current and future quad families that have been leaving comments on our blog! The Murray Crew, The Steece Quads, The Burkett Quads, The Lewandowski Quads to Be and The King Quads to Be. BTW, the King Quads are also going to be 3 girls and a boy - that is SO awesome! I can't wait to find out when they are due! We absolutely love hearing from you guys and would love to email you about this amazing experience of being blessed with four babies. Feel free to email us at any time at

Well, that’s all for now. We’ll be blogging again in the next few days about our awesome volunteer network that is forming behind the scenes and how you can help (as so many of you have wonderfully offered!) and we’ll also let you know the latest on our appointment with Dr. Thomas.

God bless and may the force of the quads be with you (hee hee)!
Carrie, John, Luke and the Lemonovich Quads


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

Thank you for the update. I was getting concerned. I may and I say may be able to help with the move. Please send me the info and I will confirm as the date get closer. You and your family are in my prayers daily.

Bob R.

Anonymous said...

So glad for continued good news! Can't tell you how proud I am of you guys....& praying, praying, praying.

We are away the 20th & probably overnight, but if we make it back, would love to help with the move.
Susan Wright

Anonymous said...

Dear Lemonovich Family
I am so glad to hear the quads are doing ok. I am a mother of triplets, and as I read your blog I am reminded of our experience which in fact, is quite similar. The NICU experience is not a fun one, and as you say a definate roller coaster. Hang in there. It is truly an emotional roller coaster. The best advise I can give is, keep the faith. Your Katie sounds like our Reilly who is doing absolutely wonderful now. You are in very good hands at Childrens. We will continue to have you and your family in our prayers. Please feel free to email if you would like to talk to someone who has "been there". Our email is Please take care and we look forward to further good news of your family.
Stephanie Weaver