Wednesday, July 23, 2008

John starts off on the wrong foot and ends up with his first day out!

We’re always talking about the ups and downs of the NICU (with our babies and with seeing others in there) but today was a big surprise that started scary and turned fantastic. I left work a little early today to go and see John, Claire, and Elizabeth. I first visited John and the nurse filled me in on the day’s happenings. She was indicating that we was having a rough day desaturating and that it may be due to his infection with his vent tube and there may even be a possibility of pneumonia. I then spoke to the doctor and she ruled out the pneumonia thing saying that his lungs aren’t showing this to be true but that his secretions are still there and they are affecting his breathing with the tube. So as I’m standing there he has one of his desats except he keeps going down and down and before I knew it Dr. Clouser was telling the nurses to replace his tube and asking me to leave! So I go over to the step down area where Claire and Elizabeth are and I’m trying not to watch around the corner at what they’re doing with little John. After about 15 minutes a nurse comes over and tells me I can come see John again and she seems happy… ??? I go over to John and there he is with the CPAP connected! This is the thing that just provides positive air pressure at his nose so that when he spontaneously breathes it helps the lungs expand. This I know now from my NICU savvy-ness :) is a big step in the right direction. His nurse indicated that he is doing really well on it. After sitting with him for a while I went back to hold Claire for a while as she was feeding. I was talking at length with a couple very nice nurses the whole time I was in there holding Claire. Elizabeth was sleeping very peacefully so I decided not to bug her too much.

When I went back over to John before I left they re-iterated that he was doing quite well on his CPAP without the ventilator! They needed to have another nurse come to hold him up while they were to change his bedding. But instead they thought it was a perfect time for me to hold him for the first time while they changed his bedding. This was an extremely gratifying moment and I couldn’t wait to tell Carrie who I knew would be so happy, yet so jealous :) I can’t explain what this was like – the joy and thankfulness. John has been a little behind the eight ball since his sac was the one that ruptured several days before their delivery. Hopefully he can last for longer this time before getting “tired” and maybe the 3rd try on the CPAP will be the charm. They took a couple great pictures that I, once again, can’t post because they just gave me a picture and I’ll have to scan it (I’ve been meaning to buy a new printer/scanner). We’ll try to get picture of him and Kate as soon as we can.

Anyway it all worked out to be a good evening for John and we thank God for every small victory.


Wendy said...

Hello Carrie and John - Just wanted you to know that we will be praying for your family. We are the couple that made an offer on your lovely home on Westbury, but needed preoccupancy. We completely understand your reasons for needing to close soon so you can focus on your family.
I believe the Lord allowed our paths to cross for a reason. We have been praying for the Lord to lead us to the home he wanted us to have and Praise God we found the perfect home for us in Moon and we close on Aug. 25.
We will be moving back to PA in mid August and I would love to get to know you and your family better and possibly help you with your babies. God is so good and I know He wanted us to meet you both. I know John is an engineer as is my husband as well. We did not know that you were fellow believers in Christ and its so exciting to know how the Lord works through our different circumstances. Anyway, please feel free to contact me at - we will be praying for you and your family. Take care, Wendy

Tubre Quads said...

Way to geaux John! I hope the babies are doing well.

Love from Louisiana,

The Carlsons said...

yay for the cpap! definitely going in the right direction! continuing to pray for your four little ones. and praying for you and carrie to have some good times holding them!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

Jess and Robb said...

Hi guys! It's so great to hear such wonderful news about all of the babies! It was so wonderful to see the three of you and we look forward to seeing all seven of you together one day soon....Take care!!