Monday, July 14, 2008

Kate's surgery is schedule for Friday...

Well, we finally got the news we've been waiting for this morning. We met with the pediatric surgeon and the neonatologist who confirmed that they have scheduled Kate's surgery to repair her omphalomesenteric duct remnant that was detected when she was born. The surgeons will also do some exploration during the surgery to verify that there are no perferations in the bowels, blockages, etc. Kate will receive general anesthesia for the surgery and the incision will be just below her belly button. It is so hard to believe that a child this small (her last weigh in tipped the scales at 1 lb, 11 oz.) can endure surgery at such a young age. Her size is of course a concern to the doctors and surgeons, but they have indicated that they feel confident that surgery will be successful despite this. We have been anxious for the surgery to take place because Brad has indicated from the beginning that, in his professional opinion, giving Kate enteral feedings (breastmilk provided to her by means of a feeding tube) would be very risky for many reasons without knowing for certain that her only issue is the duct remnant. Our hope is that the surgeon will be able to clamp the remnant, the exploration into the rest of her gut will show no other issues and that hopefully, they will begin giving her breastmilk sometime shortly after in extremely small doses initially. Now that the surgery is finally scheduled however, John and I have mixed emotions because although we're thrilled at the possibility of her being able to be fed breastmilk as opposed to the total artifical nutrition she's receiving now, the risks of surgery on such a small child are very real and very scary. We know that God holds our little angel in the palm of his hand and we pray that he would guide the hand of the surgeons, the neonatologists, nurses and all who care for her. We will post an update following the surgery just as soon as we have a chance.

Our other 3 little peanuts are continuing to do well. Claire and Elizabeth are currently only receiving oxygen through small nasal cannulas and are doing quite well. John seems to go back and forth from ventilator to the CPAP machine. This is quite common in preemies, especially as John was the 3rd smallest baby of the 4. As his lungs continue to the develop, he sometimes needs additional breathing support so this is the reason for the switch back and forth. All 3 are receiving breastmilk and are continuing to gain weight.

We decided to take Luke to see John, Claire and Elizabeth on Saturday for a few minutes. He was fascinated by all of the machinery, the buttons, the beeping sounds - everything but his brother and sisters! He did take a few peeks inside of their isolettes to "check them out". We got to hold Elizabeth for the first time on Saturday and Luke seems very curious about why Mommy was holding someone other than him! As I said, our visit didn't last too long...the NICU is definitely not a place for an 18 month old!

We thank each of you for keeping our family in your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for us as we approach Kate's surgery on Friday.

God bless,
Carrie, John, Kate, Elizabeth, Claire and John


cat said...

All our love and lots of prayers. God bless!

Ashley said...

Hi, I'm Ashley from Fl. I have been reading your blog for some time now. I am not exactly sure how I found you. Hope you don't mind that I am!
Just wanted to say that I am praying for Kate's surgery.

Anonymous said...

Carrie and John,
We will continue to pray for all your little ones and special prayers for your tiniest angel, Kate, and a successful procedure on Friday.
Thinking of you often,
Tracy K.

Anonymous said...

We will be thinking and praying for Kate (and all the little Lemons)and her successful surgery.

Marcy and Daryn

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with all of you and especially for little Kate.. We will pray that her procedure will be successfull.How wonderful that you got to hold that precious little one-- picturing you sitting there singing brought tesrs to my eyes.
God Bless all of you

Jen Custer said...

How wonderful for you that you were able to hold another one of your precious babies! Sounds like things are progressing along for them, will keep praying for all of you with a special prayer for Kate that all will go well. You have such little fighters hanging in there!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all often today, and praying for the hands of Kate's surgeons, doctors, and nurses to be guided by God's hands, and for Kate to come through surgery with flying colors...
Lots of Love to You All,

Anonymous said...

Carrie and Johnny,
I have been thinking and praying for the past two days for baby Kate. I know things always work out the was most fitting. She will be in our prayers as her brothers and sisters.
Take care of yourself, you need your strength for all of your children.
Love, Chris