Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An update on Elizabeth's surgery and more...

Elizabeth had the surgery this morning to close the PDA in her heart around 11:00am. The surgery only took about 10 minutes and she did wonderfully! The doctors made a small incision just under her left arm and inserted the clip. They used a surgical "glue" to seal the incision so there will be little, if any scar. When I visited with my little peanut today, she was still quite out of it from the anesthesia but her vital signs were good and the doctors were very pleased with the results. They had to reintubate her in order to do the surgery, but as of tonight, they are slowly weaning her back off of the ventilator so that she can return to just using her nasal cannula for oxygen again tomorrow. We're so thankful that Elizabeth came through the surgery with flying colors and we praise God for watching over our little girl while the doctor's swiftly and successfully were able to close her PDA. We're hopefully that she'll now be able to increase the amount of breastmilk she is eating at each feeding to catch up with Claire and John!

I also visited with little Kate this morning. When I walked into the NICU, I was thrilled to see that the oscillating ventilator was no longer beside her bed. As I got closer, I met up with Kate's nurse for the day, Casey who told me that she had good news to share. Kate had "bumped" her ventilator tubes while stretching and moving around and the tube had become dislodged. When Casey noticed this, they let Kate go for a little while just to see how she would do. To the surprise of the doctors and nurses, Kate did fairly well and held her own for a short while! Instead of reattaching her to the ventilator, they decided to extubate her and put her on a CPAP machine instead to see how she would do. Her blood gas numbers weren't that great, but they decided to give her a little free rein and see what would happen. They did another blood gas check again at 2:00pm and her numbers were excellent! Although the chances of Kate staying on the CPAP machine aren't great, the neonatalogist was still thrilled to see that she was able to stay off of the ventiltor, even if for a short time. It gives her lungs a chance to take a break from the ventilation and allows Kate to move about a little more freely. She was on her belly the entire time I was there and just LOVED it! I called the hospital to check on her tonight around 10:00pm and her nurse reported that she was still doing well. She seems to be working a little harder to breathe and the next blood gas check will determine whether or not they decide to reintubate her, but again - 12 hours off of the venilator is something to celebrate! We glory in the small victories these days! The nurse also reported that they were able to weigh Kate today because she wasn't on the oscillator. Kate has gained 90 grams and now weighs 780 grams (or 1 lb, 11 oz)! That's awesome news for a baby that is currently only allowed to have IV nutrition. Kate is also receiving doses of caffeine (just like her sisters and brother) to stimulate the central nervous system and her ability to breathe.

Overall, a very good day for my little princesses. I thank God for every little nibble of good news and pray that there are many more nibbles coming our way in the months to come for all four of our babies! Keep those prayers coming everyone!!!

John and I have been trying to teach Luke to say the babies' names. He can say Claire, John and Kate pretty well but Elizabeth will take some time! Luke still talks to my tummy occasionally and points to it. He doesn't quite understand that the babies are here yet! We probably won't take him to the NICU for a visit until the babies are a little older and out of their isolettes. I'm so curious to see how he'll be once there's 4 more people occupying our house!

Time to get some rest...

In Christ,
Carrie, John, Luke, Elizabeth, Claire, Kate & John


Chris Augustine said...

Today was filled with much deserved good news. Kate certainly seems to be a little fighter. The pictures of the babies are beautiful as are the family pics. You are in my thoughts daily and also my prayers. Take care honey, you will soon have 4 little babies in your home to nurture plus Luke.
Love, Chris

Anonymous said...

Carrie & John,
This is such good news! Your little ones are definitely letting everyone know how much "fight" they have in them, especially little Kate... which may not bode well for the teenage years!! LOL
I have no doubt that someday (which will probably seem sooner than later), you will be taking time-outs to reflect on these scary, precarious days, when Kate is 13 and mouthing off to you, and you are contemplating wringing her neck!! LOL

Blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! God is so good and so faithful! We are so thrilled to see every gain your little ones make--and how wonderful that you were finally able to hold your little Claire & "mommy" her for a while! :-)

We continue to lift you all up in prayer--
Susan Wright

King Quads said...

We are praying for you guys. Keep the positive attidute and remember that you are never alone.

Suzanne said...

o carrie! we think of you so often! your posts just take me back to the NICU. HORRAY for kate! that is amazing! such a fighter! and blessings to elizabeth for doing great through her procedure. how is mom and dad holding up? sending you our love!