Friday, August 29, 2008

A few more days in the NICU for baby Claire...

Well, Claire homecoming was delayed a few days today by her doctors. Her weight gain since being in room air in a regular crib hasn't been stellar and she needs just a little more work on having all of her feeds from a bottle so the doctors decided to keep her in the NICU for probably about another week. At that point, she and maybe even Elizabeth will be ready to come home. While we are thrilled at the thought of having the babies come home, we also want to be sure that they are physically ready to come home so a few more days at the NICU is best for now. We took Luke to see the babies today and he was so curious about them. He wanted to touch them so badly! Overall, he was pretty good and pretty well behaved. We'll see how he does once he sees Mommy holding the babies here at home!!!

We got good news today that not only is Elizabeth cold stressing and working on the transition to room air in a regular crib, but so is Kate! Both girls are doing very well so far with this new environment and look just adorable in their "big girl" clothes. Elizabeth has been doing better with her feeds and doesn't need oxygen quite as much. Kate has slowly been increasing her feed amounts and has been passing stool quite successfully the past few days. This is a good sign as it means that her bowels and intestines finally seem to have good motility which was a concern last week when she took a few steps backward in her progress. She is also very slowly attempting to wean down on her ventilator settings.

Baby John is doing very well also. He just crossed over the 4 lb. mark and is doing quite well with his feeds also. He's still smaller that the girls but he seems to be doing the best of all 4 when it comes to breathing. John isn't quite ready to cold stress in his bed yet, but the doctors are hoping to that he'll be ready someday soon!

That's all for now....we'll keep you updated!!!


Robb and Jess said...

Guess I should have read the blog in reverse order! Glad to hear they are all doing well and about Luke's visit!! Fingers crossed for homecoming soon!

Reena said...

Due to the girl's smaller size, under 2 KG, she'll be in the NICU, but the boy is already with mom, getting acquainted.
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