Monday, September 15, 2008

Greetings from Crazy Town!!!

I feel like it's been six years since I wrote my last post! Life is so incredibly "full" these days with roughly 24 diapers to change daily, 24 bottles to make and feed in a day, 6 doctors appointments in 13 days, laundry out the wazoo...and that's just for the quads! is good and we're enjoying every minute of it (well, almost every minute!) John, Luke and I are getting used to having the babies here and they are getting used to us. Each baby definitely has a very distinct personality - Elizabeth is incredibly peaceful and laidback. Such a sweetheart! John is reserved and quiet but lets you know when he's not happy which isn't all that often. Claire is a masterful eater and pleasant but she wants what she wants when she wants it (sound like anyone else you might know?!?!?!) I don't think any of them look alike but there personalities make them all the more different. Fran, our nanny, has been coming in the evenings for the past week and watching them over night so that John and I can get some sleep. This has been an absolute Godsend and one of the best decisions that have made so far. I have a chance to get some rest so that I can be bright eyed and bushtailed during the day time for Luke and the babies. At the end of the day, I'm ready to crash so having Fran take the reins from 10pm until morning is a real blessing. To hear the babies at night "talking" amongst themselves is a riot! It sounds exactly like a barnyard - no joke! Each one of them sounds like a different animal- John is definitely a horse making his sweet little "neigh, neigh, neigh" noises. Elizabeth is the billy goat with her "whaa, whaa, whaa" sounds and Claire is the duck with her "quacks". It's hysterical! During the daytime, Fran's daughter Helyn comes to help 2 mornings a week and the rest of the week is filled with the helping hands of my fantastic volunteer group, the Diaper Darlings. My sister Susie has done such a wonderful job of assembling a fantastic team of ladies who come to the house in various shifts to help with the babies and Luke. Speaking of Luke, he's doing pretty well with the babies so far. He still touches their heads and says "nice babies" and loves to rub his cheek against their soft furry heads, but every once in awhile the jealousy gets the best of him and he gets very whiny and wants Mom to put the babies down and hold him. He was saying "Mom no go!" and crying quite a bit this weekend. It just breaks my heart. Luke and I are so attached to each other and for so long, it was only he and I playing together all day. Now, I'm sharing that attention with three others (soon to be four) and it doesn't always sit well with him. Grandma and Poppy have been keeping him busy and he has been spending some time playing with cousins Jack and Augie. All in all, little Luke is hanging in there and doing pretty good. Keep him in your prayers!

I also have to mention some of the other amazing people who have offered their time to help us during this transition time. Mary Hutula who has organized all of the delicious meals that have been delivered to us has been absolutely amazing. I'd also like to mention sweet Dottie Heslop who comes to pick up the babies laundry twice a week. What a huge help this has been! What more can I say other than we are blessed beyond words.

Finally, I want to end this post with a question for each of you believe in miracles? If you don't, then please start at that very first post we ever wrote back in April and read all of the posts since that time up until this one and ask yourself the question again. John and I are thrilled to share some great news with you. Our fourth baby, sweet baby Kate, is not only no longer on her ventilator, she is now only on a nasal cannula of oxygen. This amazing child who only two weeks ago was still desaturating constantly and had a chest x-ray just full of haziness as a result of her chronic lung disease, is not only improving, but SHE IS THRIVING! I went to the hospital last night to check on her and I cried when I saw her. Not because there was anything wrong, but because everything was finally right. I looked and her and it was the first time I actually got to see her face - no tape, endless tubes, head gear, lead wires. It was just her beautiful sweet little face, smooth dark brown hair and beautiful soft brown eyes. Having a child in the NICU is TOUGH - emotionally, physically, mentally - but by the grace of God, we have persevered and reached the point where we can finally exhale. Don't get me wrong, we aren't out of the woods yet, but the forest isn't quite as thick as we once feared it might be. We don't always understand the what's and why's of life, but I KNOW that God holds each of us in the palm of his hand and no matter what, we can be assured of His love for us and that His plan is perfect. John and I are so grateful to God for these miracles and we pray that their lives will glorify the name of our God in every way possible. So when you pray tonight, thank God for His miracles.


More pictures to come soon...I PROMISE!!!


Renata said...

Having my bubs in NICU was awful - praise God that Kate is getting better! Sounds like you're busy, but happy. Love the idea of a Nanny at nighttime!

Jess and Robb said...

Oh, I'm totally bawling!! SO extremely happy for all of you and SUCH WONDERFUL news about Kate!! All of you continue to be in our prayers every day. Both of you, your families and your "team" of supporters are so inspiring! The babies look just darling in their boppies and cribs :-) We hope to see you soon!

Cori Benson said...

I've followed your blog for awhile now and just wanted to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!! What beautiful babies you have! And the news of Kate doing so well is wonderful! I cannot wait to hear about Kate's homecoming soon!!

Alicia said...

Hi, I am (nurse) Adrienne's younger sister, Alicia. She shared your blog with me and I just wanted to say congratulations to your family! You all are so inspiring. I pray that God will continue to watch over and bless your family. The babies are beautiful!

Nannie Frani said...

luckeyI too have been truly blessed with this wonderful family in my life. Claire,John and Elizabeth are the most contented and peaceful newborns that I have ever cared for. Carrie is sooo right about the sounds they make. I call them the "Lemonovich Choir", their voices are so distinctive that when I am in the kitchen cleaning bottles I know exactly who is singing. Now I can easily tell by thier 'Voices' if they are hungry, or if they still need an extra burp,or if they have left a present in their "Gucchies"for me. They NEVER cry for me at night unless they need something , as soon as I figure who needs what all is right with their world. I absolutely look forward to going to Babyland every night.. I was so happy to go in Monday evening and find Lukey still awake. He immediately handed me a pile of books and crawled up in my lap for some loving. He is such a wonderful brother that when Daddy said bedtime ,he laid his head next to each baby and said "goodnight baby" then he hugged me and then it was his Barney Chair's turn for a hug. John and Carrie are truly awesome parents to each one of their "Lemons". I can see the exhaustion in Carries eyes, It is so tough for her not to have all her babies together but soon maybe Kate will come home to us and Mom and Dad can relax and feel semi-normal. Daddy decided to give a little extra loving to each child on alternating days. he truly understands the bonding with Daddy that is so important. Last night was "Libby's" AKA Elizabeth's turn. He carries and does all the care for the baby of the day while still helping with everything else for Carrie. Truly "Parents of the Year" in my book and believe me in the many years I have been a Nanny I have met all kinds. I have had other awesome parents but none that have handled so much so well,imagine X 5 under two years old!! Scary. God picked the perfect parents for all five of these Angels.

The Murray Crew said...

Goosebumps and chills all around! Rejoicing with you for the many miracles that fill your lives. He is faithful!

With Love,
The Crew

Anonymous said...

Carrie and John~
Just read Frani's post... what a gem you have found! It is obvious in yet another way (Fran :) that God continues to support and guide you on this journey!
And to Fran, so nice to hear from you and get a little of your perspective on life with the Lemons! I hope I get to meet you sometime, and will be anxiously waiting to hear more from you on the blog!
Best to All,
(formerly Carrie's job share partner who misses her!!)

Sammy'smommy said...

Praying for Baby Kate. So glad to hear that all are doing so well. It is so nice to see God given the credit for these amazing blessings. Aren't we so blessed to be momma's and dadda's?

mommy2twindaughters said...

Miracles do happen...good to hear everyone is doing good. Congrats again on your little blessings!

Quads_Plus_One said...

Congrats, they look great! You can do it, we just survived the first year and by God's grace, we're all still alive, well, and happy!