Sunday, September 7, 2008

Holy babies Batman!!!

I'll apologize in advance for how short this post is, but John and I have got our hands full - LITERALLY! - caring for three babies! Yep folks, you read that correctly - we've now got 3 babies at home! YIPPPEEEE!

John Quentin and Elizabeth Avery came home today just in time for the Steelers season opener! We got a call from the nurse practioner at AGH on Friday saying that both little peanuts were doing well and were ready to join Claire here at home. We picked them up around 11am and brought them home to meet Luke. When we brought the babies up the stairs in the car seats Luke smiled and looked us like, "come on guys, you can't be serious!" I didn't have the heart to tell him there will be another one coming hopefully someday soon!!! To tell you the truth though, Luke has done pretty well so far. My darling little boy just runs around the house and says "babies, babies, babies"! John got him out of his crib this morning and "babies" was the first word out of his mouth. It's still early, but so far, so good!

John and I can't over how quickly the day goes. It seems like all we did today was change diapers and clothes and feed bottles- just as soon as you get one set of feedings done, it's time to start all over again! Grandma and Poppy came over to see our little bundles of joy and Grandma was a huge help in getting us organized, not just today but over the past 2 months. She has washed every piece of clothing, organized everything by size and then put everything in bins in the kids closets. Absolutely amazing - my Mom is a real dynamo. I'm not sure what we'd have done without her!

As for little Kate, we thrilled to say that she is returning to AGH tomorrow. She is doing wonderfully on her feeds. She gets about 1 oz. every three hours and has been dramatically weaned on her ventilator over the past week - so much so that they are hoping to possibly extubate her this week once she gets to AGH. We will be so ecstatic to finally see her off of this machine! We'll keep you posted on how she does after the move. As excited as we are to see her return to AGH, it's bittersweet in a way because we absolutely love the nursing staff at Childrens and will really miss them. They have been so supportive of us and have taken such amazing care of Kate. Courtney, Brianne, Adrienne, Joedda, Tamika and all of the other wonderful men and women on the nursing staff have been a godsend to us and we're so thankful that they were there for us when we and Kate needed them most.

We took some pictures of the homecoming today but in all honesty, we're too pooped to download them tonight! it's 11:30 and we've got to go to bed because we have to be up at 1:00 again to start the feedings all over. So, we'll try to post the pictures tomorrow. For now, it's time for some sleep...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am thrilled to hear the news. I look forward to hearing about Kate's journey to AGH and her subsequent homecoming. Hooray!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeh, they are coming home!! Follow you blog often, my daughter is 16 weeks with quads. We live in Phoenix. We also follow the King quads. I am sure Kate will follow soon, you all give us such hope for our "soon to be quads"--

Grami in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

This is just amazing. I can't help but reflect on the uncertainty that filled the previous months... and now, rejoice in the monumental homecomings you are now experiencing. Congratulations to you all... good thoughts and prayers for Kate to soon be reunited with her sisters and brothers. Hope to be visiting you all soon.
Best wishes,

Arnold Quads said...

I just found your blog today. I am so excited for you that you have 3 of the 4 babies home. What a blessing. It sounds like Kate is doing well and will be home in no time. Congratulations on your new bundles of joy.


Jen C. said...

The Lord is GOOD!! What wonderful news to hear. Katie will soon be on her way home too. Will continue to pray for all of you as you adjust to your new family situation. Way to hang in there. Keep up your enthusiasm, try not to let all the dirty diapers and bottles drag you down!! I know this has been such an emotional roller coaster for all of you. Glad to hear good news and am hoping to see lots of pictures in the near future. Especially one of you holding all four of your little angels!!

Andria said...

What a whirlwind! May you rest soundly once your head hits that pillow! lol. Congrats on having 3 of the 4 home. Luke will most likely be fully adjusted once Kate comes along - what's one more, right?

Hopefully Kate does well this week and you can bring her home after you've had some practice in the day in the life of quads at home! Whoo hoo!

Patti said...

We are so happy to hear the great news!!

God is good!

God Bless
Jim, Patti, Katie and Felicity Neill

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you I am so very happy to hear all of this good news. God bless all of you and we pray that Kate gets home very soon.

Anonymous said...

We are all so happy to hear the latest news and await with joy for the day Kate will join you! You are such a blessing...

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be the glory to all generations forever and ever."
Your in our thoughts and prayers!

The Frankfurt's

Anonymous said...

Im so happy for your family that everything is going well. I miss Kate here at CHP but im sure things are going well at AGH! If you ever need anything please call me...especially if you need a babysitter! My email is

one of Kate's favorites, Breanne
ps..where is my milkshake? hehe