Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The original due date passes and Kate pictures

This was written last week on 09/24/2008 but we're just now getting the time to complete the post and get the pictures of precious Kate!

It's hard to believe that we are just now at the 40 week due date for the quads which brings into perspective their prematurity. All is going well and we're slowly adjusting to the busyness and chaos of our new lives. We'll take it any day as these babies are so precious and cuddly! Keeping up with who needs what when is quite the challenge but my wife Carrie is all over this. She has a huge dry erase board to write things down and a binder with entries of who ate what when, who got vitamins when, when they last stooled, etc... etc... Sometimes whichever baby is in the queue is getting restless waiting their turn to feed so Carrie and I have developed some skill in feeding/burping two at once! Although we're realizing that Luke is picking up on knowing when we're both feeding and has free reign to get into things.

John Claire and Elizabeth had a doctor's appointment today with their favorite and our favorite :) pediatrician Dr. Hennessy. He said they look great and he looked at some specific things on each of them. He gave us some things to adjust in their diet to get their bowels moving and some various other things to work on.

So anyway their due date weights are:
John - 5lb 15oz
Claire 6lb 12oz

Elizabeth 7lb 2oz

Kate 6lb 2oz (Can you believe this - it's almost 5 times her birth weight??!!)

As promised here are some pictures of Kate taken last week:
Kate actually doesn't have the tape on her face anymore since she gets all bottle feedings now! So she's left with just the nasal cannula for her O2:

The nurses had propped her up while she was awake and had some fun (read the sign and the cup has $$$ on it)

On a lighter note, we thought we'd post some humor. If you remember back to posts when we were in the "telling people" phase that we mentioned the funny/strange responses one receives when you tell them we're pregnant with quadruplets!

And the top 5 responses are:

5. Dude what are you gonna do...dude?...oh man...dude? what are you gonna do? This goes on for 5 minutes straight. (carpet guy)

4. ---------------------- This one is just blank because one common response is for people to be outright speechless completely.

3. Was this planned? (bank teller - I guess this was his way of asking if we actually asked the doctor to please give us four babies???)

2. Are you serious?...wait... how many is that? (plumber)

1. So was this induced? (what does this even mean???)

We're beat...good night!


Courtney said...

My little Katie is just so beautiful!!! She looks absolutely wonderful, and I'm so glad to hear she is taking all of her feeds by bottle!!! Does this mean she will be coming home soon??? (I know they can sometimes go home on the 02). She's been a little fighter from the beginning, and she continues to amaze me! Take care you guys, I hope all is well!!! Hope to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

Some little girl got her mommy's beautiful full lips! What a looker she is! With her gumption and good looks, you two (Carrie and John) are in for it with this one! :)

King Quads said...

Love the cheeks on Kate. They are so beautiful, and what great weights!