Tuesday, September 2, 2008


What an exciting day for the Lemonovich clan! We got the good news yesterday that baby Claire was ready to come home. The past 9 months have been so incredibly difficult and challenging in so many ways, but news that one of our children would be able to finally came home made all of that a distant memory. We picked Claire up today around 1:00 from the hospital. After nearly an hour of getting directions on her care, changing her clothes, getting her set up in her car seat, etc. we were finally ready to head home. I looked back at Elizabeth and John and just started to cry. Even in the midst of my joy at being able to bring Claire home, I was so sad that John, Elizabeth and Kate couldn't come too. John was laying on his side in his isolette with his bright eyes wide open looking at me like "can I come too Mommy? Pick me, pick me!" It near broke my heart! I take comfort though in knowing that they are doing very well and will be coming home soon, so we left the babies in good hands with the nursing staff for a little while longer.

Claire left the NICU weighing 5 lbs, 8 oz. She eats just over 1 oz. every 3 hours. The only "medication" she needs is her infant vitamin supplement. She breathes very well on her own and didn't need to come home with any monitors. When we arrived home, we were greeted by big brother Luke. I was very suprised and so greatly relieved at how well Luke responded to Claire. He went over and stroked her quite a few times and kept saying "niiiiiccccceeee baby!" He also kept trying to put her pacifier in her mouth which was very sweet. We spent the afternoon just getting used to having Claire around and letting Claire get used to us. She slept a little, ate well and visited with Poppy, Grandma and Aunt Susie who stopped by to take a peek.
Today was also a big day for us as our new nanny, Fran, started today. Fran is a wonderful woman with a real gift for caring for children. Fran has over 30 years of nanny experience, including helping to raise her cousins quintuplets a few years back. Fran's enthusiasm, confidence, organizational skills and ability to relate and comfort kids at any age made her the perfect candidate for us and we are so thrilled to have her here! She came this morning with a whole bag of new toys for Luke - yes, bribery does work! Luke seemed slightly cautious when Fran arrived but after a short time, he quickly warmed up to her and by the end of the day was calling her "Frannie". What a big load off of my mind!

Here are some pictures of little Claire first outing into this big crazy world...

The doctors told us today that Elizabeth may well be ready to come home by the end of this week, beginning of next week. She is doing well and is needing her oxygen less and less. They'll continue to keep an eye on her but we may have another "little lemon" home soon! I would be so sad to have little John there in the NICU all by himself....but no worries, folks because there's more good news! KATE'S DOCTORS ARE HOPING TO SEND HER BACK TO AGH BY THIS WEEKEND!!!!! YAHOO! Kate is doing so remarkably well. She is 5 lbs. and is eating 10 ml of food per hour as of today. They are increasing her feeds every 12 hours because she is doing well with the processing of her food and she is also consistently stooling which is a great sign. As of last night, she is also totally off of her artificial nutrition. She is now officially feeding on breastmilk and a dextrose/saline mixture only. This is such good news as the artifical nutrition she lived on for the past 10 weeks has the long term potential of causing damage to her liver. Kate is still on the ventilator but now that she has done so well with increasing her feeds daily, they will begin to get more aggressive with getting her off of this machine and work towards breathing independence.

Here's a picture of Kate that John just took tonight during his visit with her... check out how big my chunky monkey is and how alert she is!

My little man John... so stinkin' cute I can barely stand it!

The "oh so pretty" Queen Elizabeth.... sleeping away and dreaming of milk!

We praise God this night for these children and that God has chosen us to love them and care for them.


Anonymous said...

Carrie, John and Luke,
I am so happy for all of you the little ones coming home. It made me start to cry to feel your joy and happiness.Such aqwesome picture,,, God bless all of you.

Anonymous said...

I think I hear the "Hallelujah Chorus" being sung all over the city of Pittsburgh and beyond! I am so excited for you and for Claire! Can't wait until you are all united! Love and blessings!

rickscher620 said...

So neat to hear that Claire got to come home...and at the same time know it has to be hard to leave the rest at the hospital. I love your attitude though knowing that they were left in the best of care. Your little guy Luke looks like a sweetheart too, loved the pic of him on the table looking at Claire! Less than a week and we'll be able to take some pix too, this Grammie is excited can ya tell?!
Grammie Bear (King Quads)

Anonymous said...

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing and Aaamazing! Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful news and for letting all of us see those beautiful pictures! We are overjoyed your little ones are starting to come home. Looks like Luke is going to be super big-bro!
God Bless.
The Kockler Family

Anonymous said...

I am overcome with happiness for all of you, and rejoicing with you (from the sidelines, of course!) for all the gifts - the miracles - you have been blessed with. May this be the start of a beautiful journey for your family. And I have to say... what BEAUTIFUL children you have! Thank God for every one of those very special, very precious children...
I am just in awe of your experience. Thank you so much for so generously sharing your lives with all of us.
My best to you all,

Audrey said...

Fantastic news! So glad you got the box of stuff I sent. I see one of "our" burp cloths on daddy's shoulder. It warms my heart to see your little ones doing so well. Congratulations!

The Carlsons said...

praise God that claire is home! hope the transition goes well for everyone. it is diffcult to leave the others there in the nicu. i especially felt this when we had our last, and littlest, one still in the nicu while the three were at home. broke my heart! but it made me want to make the drive and see her all the more!

congrats again! and praying the others come home soon!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

Portraits by Natalie said...

What WONDERFUL news!!! So glad to hear that your first little lemon is home where she belongs!! Love all the pictures... they are GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for keeping us updated!!

Take care~

Brenda said...

What a beautiful family. All 5 of your babies are sooooo precious. The little ones are going to have a great big brother!! God bless you all as you start your journey of raising these precious gifts from the Lord.
Hugs from Indiana

Mojo said...

I am so excited to read that your little ones are starting to come home. She is precious and you look like such a picture of God filled happiness. I can't wait to see the picture of all four of them and Luke together at home.
We wish you lots of luck!
Missy O

Renata said...

What wonderful news! We rejoice with you on Claire's homecoming! Can't wait to hear the next one! May God bless you!

Ed, Jamie, Christian and Benjamin said...

Congrats on being able to bring home one of your sweet babies hopefully they will all be home soon!

Nanny Frani said...

Hi Carrie,
Well, you did it! There's not much that can make me cry but you sure brought tears to my eyes when I read the blog account of leaving John and Elizabeth. I know I heard you say it when you came home with Claire but somehow reading the words had so much more impact! I will be there Monday at 9am with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes. You are right ,the picture of Kate says it all, she is a chunky monkey for sure. Please give Big Brother Luke a hug and kiss for me. Take care and sleeeeeeeep when you can!