Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kate has a slight setback...lands back in hospital

It seems like everyone is getting sick and our babies are especially susceptible to sickness, namely respiratory viral infections, and last week Luke came down with something that sounded like it was in his chest/throat. Despite our efforts to isolate him from the babies, each baby started with nasal stuffiness and a nasty cough. We took baby John to the hospital last week as his cough seemed especially bad. He was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, a common illness, especially in infants that is most likely caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). He was given no antibiotics since it is a viral infection and they only work for bacterial infections. Trying to keep the others from getting it is pretty much a losing battle and sure enough Kate started with the symptoms before the weekend and seemed to worsen each day.

Kate has been fighting her chronic lung disease since the NICU and her "weak" lungs make her even more susceptible to illness. Kate seemed to get a little worse each day until Sunday night (in the middle of the night) Kate had a big choking episode and apnea and even a bradycardia. A special thanks to Fran, our nanny, for reacting calmly, sensibly, and in such a prompt way as the timing was critical once the choking started and went on from there. As you could imagine it was very scary and she was taken by ambulance to Children’s hospital where she is stabilized and they are monitoring her closely and providing treatment. From what we understand it sounds like she will be there for at least a week or so until they get her back on track with her breathing and eating. Whether the bronchiolitis is caused by RSV or influenza or other, her treatment is the same. They are giving her fluids to keep hydrated, increased O2, some steroid treatment, and monitoring her closely. Hopefully some of her CHP NICU friends can come and visit her while she’s there!

We pray for Kate and that God would hold her in his hands as she fights through another battle and we pray that she can come back home soon. We will be posting soon some information/restrictions on visitations and hand-washing, etc… now that RSV season has started and presents a serious risk to our babies.


Andria said...

I'm sure everything seems like a "no win" battle. Praying for Baby Kate and the health of the rest of the household.

cat said...

I will keep you in my prayers. We had both our twins in hospital for a week at 6 months with Bronchiolitus and they were born at 37 weeks! I can just imagine your anguish.

Courtney said...

Hey Carrie and John,
I just got back from my cruise and I made sure to jump on the internet to check out the Lemonovich Log. I'm was shocked to hear of John's little scare and Kate's stay in the hospital! I know how scary RSV can be, and I will keep all of your kids in my prayers, so that all may stay healthy (or get healthy soon!) You'll have to email me and let me know if Katie is still @ CHP and what room she is in. I'm back to work on Thursday, and I'll be sure to visit if she is still there. I miss her dearly, but this sure isn't the way I wanted to see her! But my little fighter will get through this, and she'll be back home in no time. We all know Kate, she's always been a little fighter, and this is just another small obstacle that she WILL overcome. I miss all of you guys and I'm always keeping you in my prayers. Keep us updated -- I'm always updating the unit on your family (especially when I get to give good news about Kate!).

Lots of love and prayers,

Adrienne said...

I work Wed and Thurs. night. I'll look you all up and try to visit. The unit has been quite, so I should have time. To keep it more HIPA happy, if you have time, email me where you are all located. amarcinick@yahoo.com
Hope everyone else is well, and I know Miss Kate will be well soon. She's a tough kid. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and hopefully see you in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Last Monday at 2:30 am was one of the most scary moments of my nanny career. I just had a strange feeling about Kate, nothing I could put my finger on, just an uneasy feeling. Instead of putting her back in her bed after her last feeding I kept her in her swing in front of me. After a period of time there seemed to be a change in her color. A little dusky or darker. The monitor said everything was alright but does not have a pusle ox. I turned up her oxygen but no difference. I decided to call Mom and Dad but I had wakened them from a deep sleep and because the color change was so subtle it wasn't immediately obvious. It was time for her formula so while Mom and Dad were there I put the bottle to her lips. At the same time Kate began to cough. Babies this young are not efficient coughers. When a baby has Chronic Lung Disease this is even more obvious. While coughing Kate's gag reflex triggered and up came old formula and very thick sticky mucus. I then told Mom to call 911. Was the dark brown color from the formula or the mucus ? I couldn't tell. Since the mucus-formula started to come through her nose and mouth ,I suctioned her nostrils with a nasal syringe first so as not to compromise her oxygen canula. I then realized her throat [airway] was completely blocked. The nasal syringe was not helping to clear her throat as 'Little Katie' kept gagging. Her monitor went off indicating a slower heart rate. I took Katie to the floor and suctioned her with my mouth. I made sure first there was NO air exchange. It took two times of SLIGHT,MILD suction to clear her airway. Her color immediately went from dusky face and blue fingers to very pale. But Katie was breathing on her own. Her color improved very slightly but it was an improvement! When the paramedics arrived Carrie and John agreed to immediately transport Baby Kate to Children's Hospital.
If you have an endangered child make sure first that your responders have your exact address and directions so they can get there quickly. To anyone with children ,FOLLOW YOUR GUT FEELINGS. It may be nothing or they may give you a HEADS UP, when it is critical. I went to see Katie Saturday at 1:30 am and stayed about an hour. It was heartbreaking to see this little fighter in the ICU but I quietly stood beside her bed and Thanked God for taking her in his hands Sunday Night.
Frani , Katie's Nanny