Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures from the Nuthouse courtesy of the Head Nuts!

OK, so I said 10 days ago "I'll post some pictures of Kate's homecoming tomorrow". As you can clearly see, that never happened. Ahhh....life is so incredibly "full" these days at the Lemonovich household. The babies are doing very well - everyone is growing and getting so big! It's amazing to think that they were once so incredibly small. My Mom's cousin, Nancy, came over the other day for her volunteer shift and she brought us a small wooden sign shaped like an acorn with a small squirrell on it that said "Welcome to The Nuthouse". It couldn't be more appropriate!

Poppy Wible has assigned each of the babies their now famous nicknames so I'll use them as I give you updates on how each is doing:

Kate "The Slurper" Lemonovich is doing SO well at home. She has some occasional alarms with her apnea monitor but we're slowly getting used to it and not jumping into "panic mode" when it does go off. As hard as it is to believe, she's probably the most average baby out of the four! She eats well about every 4 to 4 1/2 hours, sleeps like a dream, and has a very pleasant disposition. She even stools once a day which is amazing when you remember what she's been through surgically since she was born! She acquired her nickname because she loves to slurp down her bottles in record time and she burps quietly like a dreamboat! I think she's still decompressing from her hospital stay - although I think the NICU was actually more quiet than our house!

John "The Goat Man" is also looking much older and mature these days as you'll see in the pictures below. He's up over 7 lbs. and despite some minor reflux and major gas pain issues, John is one sweet boy. John's nickname is obvious is you've ever been around him for more than five minutes. When he stretches or wakes up from a nap, he makes this gentle nanny goat sound that is absolutely hysterical! John has actually captured it on video and when we finally figure out how to upload videos on to the blog, we'll be sure to post it.

Elizabeth "Lizzie The Spitter" Lemonovich is one pleasant baby. Lizzie honestly doesn't make a sound unless she REALLY needs something. She lays on her boppy pillow and smiles or stretches and has the sweetest disposition of any baby I've ever seen. Lizzie has got to be close to 9 lbs. these days. She eats like a champ but as her nickname indicates, she's good for at least one big projectile spit-up a week. Tonight, for example, she spit up her entire 3 oz. bottle over John's shoulder and onto our sofa! The best part is - she doesn't even make a whimper when she's done! She just smiles and waits for you to feed her more.

Claire "The Screamer" Lemonovich is also affectionately known to us a "Lungs". The nicknames should be self-explanatory. Claire is so incredibly sweet and adorable. It's hard to believe just by looking at her that one minute she'll be completely happy and the next minute she is screaming her lungs out! Claire suffers from some wicked acid reflux and gas. I feel so bad for my little pumpkin because it's evident that sometimes, she's really uncomfortable. I wish there was something we could do that would ease her pain - believe me, we've tried every product, bottle, nipple and homeopathic remedy that they make - but sometimes, babies just fuss and you have to ride out the storm. Despite all of this, Claire is a precious little baby and we love her to death.

Well, it's time for bed but I'll leave you with a few pics of the babies to close out the evening. Good night and God bless!

Momma Bear with all of her cubs :)

Elizabeth and John squeeze in some snuggle time...

Beautiful Kate...

Group nap!!!

Kate's homecoming day...FREE AT LAST!!!

Lizzie gettin' some love from Grandma Wible...

Claire whispering secrets to John..."if you just scream a little louder, she comes running much faster!!!"

The Screamer and The Spitter team up as the newest Dynamic Duo!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I've been reading your blog constantly; my sister even has it listed on her blogspot page, cause I told her how cute the kids were and wanted her to see pics of Kate. However, I've only now just figured out how to comment....I'm new at the blog-thing.
Anyway, I'm so thrilled you finally have all the kids together again! They are beautiful! I'm so proud of Kate.
During her stay at AGH, I'd read the blog updates while at work (during slow times of course :) and brag for you to anyone who would listen, regarding Kate's progress.
You are such a wonderful family, and so blessed. Congratulations on Kate's homecoming. Thank you for continuing with the blog and allowing for updated pictures and stories. I really look forward to seeing the "Lemonovich gang's" progress.
Congrats again. It was an honor to take care of Kate at CHP. I'm happy she's home now.
Adrienne M., RN

cat said...

Thanks for the pics! Great to see them thriving.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, they look wonderful! My cold is better now, & I am anxious to get back and see everyone, including my man Luke! Can't believe how long Kate has already been home & I have yet to see her!
Susan Wright

Andria said...

Gorgeous! Love the nicknames!

Tina said...

Great to see an update. It must be so hard to get any time to yourselves these days.

It's wonderful to see you gorgeous babies all thriving and doing well.

Thanks so much for keeping us avid readers updated.

Kathy Pfister said...

Carrie & John,

Your babies are beautiful!!! I have been checking in from time to time. I'm glad to see things are going so well and you haven't lost your sense of humor. God Bless you and keep you!

Kathy Pfister