Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pictures of Luke among the nuthouse...

As a follow-up to yesterday's post - what does Luke think about everything amongst all the chaos??...this picture sums it up :)

Luke is an excellent big brother so far! He "helps" us by always trying to give them his food, or shove binkys into their mouths, or give them a little rock if they're in the swing. This evening Luke was going to give Claire just a little push in her swing (okay it was more than a little push - he pulled it all the way up and was about to let go as we caught him!). He loves them very much though and he kisses each one before he goes to bed. He also still likes to say "nice baby... nice baby". In the midst of being so busy, in some ways Luke is more entertained now than ever before as so many of our wonderful friends & family come to play with him, and Luke often plays with his cousins. He especially asks for his cousin Jack as he sees him the most and is close in age to him. Our friend Natalie ("Portraits by Natalie" - see the link on our main page) takes fantastic pictures and recently took a few when 3 of the babies were home (minus Kate) and Luke. She is going to take more and we'll post them but here is one she already took of Luke:

I just wanted to write a little about Luke with what little "free time" I had so that's all for tonight - hope to post again soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie, Great pics of Luke, he is too cute. The babies are awsome, I have followed you guys a while. My daughter is having quads, she is 22wks. Just went into hospital a few days ago, all is going fairly well so far, day by day. We are so encouraged reading all the quad blogs. She is on the Tubre blog, Crisanti quads if you would like to read about us!! Good luck to you all, hope we are so blessed--
Grami in Phoenix--(Linda)

Following Him said...

I am so glad Luke is a great big brother. More greatness will come and he will be a wonderful role model :) What a sweet photo!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie, what can I say, except that you have been So Abundantly Blessed. I know you know that, but there just isn't any other way to sum up the amazing gifts you have been given. The 5 of them - they are ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.

I will go on about my day here at SF with a smile thinking about all your little ones!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics and I love the updates. You're all still in our prayers, that God will meet each of your needs throughout each day.
Lori, Jim, Abigail, and Nathaniel