Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke and Happy New Year!!

As always there’s not much time to write considering every minute I stay awake now that the babies are all sleeping is one minute less of sleep before they all wake up to eat!!!

First things first…Happy Birthday to the apple of our eye Luke! Today marked his second Birthday and what a wonderful big brother he’s growing to be. Luke is so inquisitive, speaks like crazy in full sentences, deduces things that are amazing, he’s so playful, and so seemingly grown up! He’s also starting to be a big helper. Tonight while we were trying to get the babies fed and to bed Lukie was going over to our dearest screamer Claire Bear, and waved a big balloon in front of her saying “Look Claire…Look Claire” and Claire would stop screaming for a moment to check out what Luke was doing… thanks buddy!! Mysteriously enough sometimes it's like he holds things together and keeps us laughing.

Just the boys hangin' out on the couch:

Luke now asks to hold the babies (and by name too…sometimes the wrong name ..he he) and he holds them while petting their head and saying "nice baby…nice baby". He does this for about 20 seconds and then he’s done with them and wants to go do his thing. Unfortunately for his Birthday he’s not feeling the greatest but his big Barney party is this Saturday and we hope he’s feeling much better then.

As we look back and reflect on 2008 it was by far the most difficult, emotional, stressful, nerve-racking, and yet most rewarding year of our lives – all at the same time. So much of it seems to just be a complete blur. When I look back at the pictures of Carrie during the pregnancy and the pictures of the babies in the NICU and how seemingly fragile and vulnerable they were, it’s like a dream. We are forever indebted to so many people who helped us and continue to help us on a regular basis. It’s peculiar to look at the babies now and think back to how many times the circumstances sounded insurmountable – especially in the beginning of the pregnancy and throughout the whole year with Kate. Thanks be to God for the health of our babies and for keeping us strong and granting us patience!! (we need lots and lots of that) BTW – look at Kate now!

She can go for longer periods of time now with NO oxygen and no monitors!! It’s weird to carry her around and not have her rats nest of wires attached. She stares at you so intently when you hold her or feed her. All the babies are starting to coo and make various noises and even laugh. Lizzy smiles away and babbles and even lets a big giggle out here and there. I’ve tried to catch this on my camera as a video clip to upload on the blog…but no such luck. All the babies seem to know precisely when I get out the camera or camcorder as they abruptly stop whatever they’re doing that’s cute or interesting. The quads just had their first homecoming back to the hospital where they were born for their first developmental check-up and we are pleased to report they are doing very well. With this visit being the first data point and not much to see a trend the doctors and developmental specialist where pleased to see how they have thrived and to see that they are well into the percentiles of their adjusted age. The next step is to see them moving more toward the percentiles of their chronological age (in other words catching up to a full term baby with the same due date). Claire was the most “advanced” and got the highest marks while Kate was the lowest in percentiles for SOME aspects but as always, the doctors keep telling us to NOT compare her to our others and that she is doing just fine. As for their current weights Claire (by now since her last weigh-in) should be over 13 lbs while Elizabeth and little Quinny (aka the Goat Man) are just over 12 lbs and under 12lbs, respectively. Kate is starting to have some nice weight gains and should be pushing 11 lbs!! I need sleep so sorry to cut this short.

Some miscellaneous pics from 2008:

Carrie during the first trimester with the quads:
Carrie at about 12 weeks with the quads:
Carrie at just under 2 weeks from delivery:

Luke with Poppy enjoying the view:
Luke loved this swing last summer (as you can see):
Luke and cousin Jack for Halloween:

A couple recent pics:
Grandma, Claire, and Quinny:
Claire (upside down) and Lizzie:
The whole crew with Luke as the leader (who loves to say cheese and smile big):

Goodnight for now and Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Luke! It's so good to hear that all are doing well! We'll still keep you in our prayers for patience and sleep - blessed, glorious SLEEP! :-)
Lori, Jim, Abigail, and Nathaniel

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful update. So, so nice to see all the pictures... Carrie, I have to say, you look fantastic. You should be looking haggard and frazzled, and you look the best I've seen you. The babies look so healthy and beautiful. What a miracle and blessing.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE!!!! Keep up the great work with your little brother and sisters... they are lucky to have such a good man for their big brother!!!

I hope to be able to visit you all again soon... can't wait to see you all.

Take care~

Anonymous said...

Carrie - your family is beautiful. Those babies are getting so big and Luke is looking like such a big boy! I hope that you're getting a lot of sleep! We've missed you around the office!
~Leslie M

Anonymous said...

Carrie & John, you never cease to amaze! I am so in awe of the way you handle this crew & manage to treasure each little person & respect his/her needs. And you hang onto your sense of humor in the process. The kids are all doing great--no question! I know how hard it can be to see this when one is sleep-deprived & feeling natural parental concern (especially after experiencing such a one-on-one bond with your first child), but this time will fly by, & all your kids will be better for having had to share.
;-) The time will come when all the helpers will have moved on, & your kids will be busy with school & friends, and you will be so amazed at yourselves as you look back at the pictures & think about the journey you've been on. Take a moment & pat yourselves on the back--you're doing great! Love, S.