Monday, February 16, 2009

Little Kate checks out of Childrens :)

We're happy to report that after 5 days in Children's Hospital, Kate was released yesterday. She's made a lot of improvement over the past 5 days and although she still has some of the wheezing and crackling sounds in the lungs, she is feeling and looking a lot better. John and I were so anxious for her to be released for so many reasons. Although being there was an absolute necessity and the staff at Childrens is top notch, staying there for a few days is a big risk to a baby in Kate's condition. Kate had a roommate in the first room she was placed in. Her roomie was a 2 month old who had RSV. YES - YOU READ THIS CORRECTLY :) My little peanut with lungs that look like withered branches on a dead tree was rooming with a little baby already confirmed to have RSV. Nuts, right? Especially since Kate had been swabbed for RSV in the E/R and the culture came back negatively. Yahoo, we thought - we dodged the RSV bullet! Yeah, until we got to her room :( There are no partitions or anything separating the two bed spaces - just a flimsy little curtain. The situation was obviously not good, but the hospital was so packed, this was the only room they could offer us after spending 12 hours in the emergency room. After 2 days, they were able to move Kate to a private room and we thanked God for the peace and quiet and improved conditions. John and I took turns staying there with Kate while the other stayed home with the babies. We were obviously also concerned that we could bring some type of virus home with us from the hospital and infect the others with it. So far, everyone seems to be doing OK. We got some sniffles and runny noses here and there but nothing too worrisome so far. We're washing hands like crazy and praying that we all stay healthy :) We have Kate isolated back in our bedroom for the next week. She'll stay there until we can be more sure that she is no longer contagious and has recovered from her virus. Little Kate is back on oxygen again after being off of it full time for over 30 days. You can tell that she absolutely HATES having the cannula back in her nose again, but hopefully it won't be for too long. She's added another medication to her arsenal to help her lungs recover more quickly - so Albuterol is now added to our list. Other than that, she seems to be slowly returning to herself and is even giggling and making silly noises with her mouth. Thank God our little Kate is home again. We sure did miss her and we thank God for putting her on the path to recovery :)

Thanks to each of your for your continued prayers, words of encouragement and support. We love all of you, our extended family, both near and far!

And by the way...we've been meaning to say this for weeks now, but ....

For those of you who don't know, we're life long Pittsburghers and can't imagine any other place we'd rather live. Football is in your blood if you're from here and as you can imagine, it's been nuts here since the Super Bowl. So as we close for tonight, we'll say so long from SixBurgh!!!! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kate's back in the hospital :(

Hey everyone....sorry it's been so long since we've had a chance to blog. Things have been hectic around the Lemonovich household these days. Our little Kate has been coughing quite a bit and as of Wednesday she developed a fever that was escalating pretty quickly. After talking with our pediatrician, we decided to take Kate to the E/R to be evaluated. The E/R was ridiculous - there must have been over 60 people crammed into this little waiting room just waiting to get registered. Luckily, we got there just before the rush of people came in and we were escorted to a room quickly. It was seemed like every person in the waiting room was holding a child who had the exact same symptoms as Kate. February is such a miserable month in so many ways!!! We waited in the emergency room for 12 hours - the hospital was so packed, it took that long for them to find a room on the main floor for us! Once we finally got settled, they tested her for RSV and fortunately, the test was negative. However, she does have Bronchiolitis which is a virus that seems to have settled in the lungs. She has a deep, chesty cough with some wheezing at this point with lots of nasal congestion and she's not very interested in eating. She's been in the hospital now for a few days and we're hoping that she'll be released sometime this weekend. For now, I have been going into the hospital overnight to care for Kate while John has been home taking care of the other 4 - including getting up with the babies to do their overnight feeding. Have I ever mentioned before that my husband ROCKS?!?!?!?!? My Mom, Dad and our nanny, Helyn, have been taking wonderful care of the kids while I run back and forth to the hospital and John goes to work. We are so fortunate to have such loving, wonderful family, friends and supporters in our lives!

It seems so strange at home without little Kate being here. You'd think that with 5 kids under the age of 2 you wouldn't even notice if one was missing....but you do. Things just aren't the same without Kate being here. Please keep our little peanuts...especially your prayers and ask God to restore her to health and that each of us would stay healthy for the remainder of the Winter season. We'll update with any new news on Kate just as soon as we can...

Thanks all!!!