Thursday, May 14, 2009


I think Abe Lincoln was still President last time we blogged! Yikes! Sorry that it's been so long everyone! What a busy couple of months we've had! It would take me days to recap the past months so I'll give you the cliff note version...

* The quads had their baptism rededication service at church (they were baptized by our Pastor the night of their birth but our congregation had a rededication service for them to celebrate and reaffirm their baptism). It was an awesome day and the first time our congregation has gotten a chance to see the babies! It was a very emotional service and something John and I will never forget.

* We had an awesome Easter spent with family and friends. The Easter bunny was very good to Luke and the munchkins!

* The quads are eating 2 meals a day from a spoon now. They eat veggies, fruits and meat along with rice cereal or oatmeal. So far, they seem to like pretty much anything I give them. Sweet potatoes are definitely a favorite and green beans they could do without :)

* The quads and Daddy all came down with some type of stomach virus at the same time complete with fever, vomiting and other not so pleasant symptoms. It wasn't pretty! We're glad to say that everyone seems to be back on the road to good health!

* Claire weighs approx. 19 lbs. these days. She is an absolute moose! She downs a 7-8 oz. bottle in about 5 minutes flat! This kid is amazing! Claire is by far the best at sitting up unassisted. She has great balance and loves to sit up and play with toys. She isn't keen at all about being on her stomach and rolling. She'd much rather sit up and see what's going on around her,

* Elizabeth has 6 teeth. Yes, you read that correctly....6 teeth! 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom.She loves to use her new choppers to bite things - especially her bottle nipple and the spoon when we do feedings. She is especially giggly and one active chick! Elizabeth rolls around the room with ease and is on all fours rocking back and forth. It's only a matter of time until she's crawling around. So hard to believe!

* John has 2 teeth and is an absolute eating/rolling machine. I have never seen a child gets such pleasure out of eating! He eats from a spoon like a master - his mouth is open and he eagerly awaits every spoonful. He actually gets mad if you don't shovel fast enough! John loves to roll and is even pulling himself up on things these days. He is also on all fours rocking back and forth and is dying to crawl! He has great upper body strength and is actually quite strong in general. He wakes up every morning with a smile - no joke!

* Kate is doing well and is progressing at her own pace. She seemed to recover from this last illness a little more quickly than previous infections so we're hoping that her body is maturing and helping her to fight off things more efficiently. We still have some feeding issues with Kate related to her lung condition, GERD and delayed gastric emptying. We're working with a GI doctor at Children's along with a nutrtionist and speech/language pathologist to try and work out these issues. Despite everything Kate has been through, she remains the sweetest, happiest child and her smile literally lights up a room.

* Luke and Daddy are taking parent and tot swimming lessons and loving it. At first, Luke was very hesitant about getting in the pool and would cry the first few times when John would even pull into the parking lot. He's now loving his lessons and looks forward to going every week. He even jumped off the diving board to a waiting Daddy a few times! He is so excited about the summer and being outside.

We've got a ton of pictures to share, just not enough time to load them all and share them tonight. I promise to post them asap.

Sorry again for the lapse guys! We promise not to be away for that long again! Stay tuned for some pictures!